Does My Favorite Color Make Me Boring?

I’ve always had an affinity for white clothing. To me, it’s the coolest, most sophisticated shade one can wear. It’s clean and crisp, and even if what you’re wearing doesn’t carry a high price tag, it still looks expensive, which is no easy feat. However, I recently realized that around 75% of what I regularly wear is composed of only white, which got me thinking, If I work in fashion and I’ve limited myself to only wearing one color, does that make me boring?

Though I haven’t landed on a conclusion, I know that I’ll continue wearing white because it’s what makes me feel good and confident. That being said, I’m interested to get your opinion on the subject matter. Do you think it’s okay to not expand your wardrobe’s color palette, or do you think that’s playing it too safe? Tell me what you think in the comments, and then see my roundup of some great outfits and products for summer below.