How I Landed My Dream Job in Fashion—and You Can Too

I don’t want to sit here and brag (totally not my style), but I am fortunate enough to say that I now have my dream job. I’m the West Coast style director at Who What Wear. How cool is that? Like most things, though, the journey wasn’t necessarily easy—but I set a goal and followed my dream until I achieved my version of success. Now, that’s not to say there’s not more to come, but right now I couldn’t be happier.

So how did I land a coveted editorial role in fashion? Below, I’m sharing my journey, including the tips that helped me climb the corporate—well, fashion—ladder. These tricks will apply to those of you interested in scoring a gig in fashion, but many will apply no matter what industry you’re in.

Keep scrolling to learn more about my career path. Plus, go a bit further to shop stylish 9-to-5–appropriate items to impress.

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Opening Image: Sandra Semburg