This Is Exactly How to Find a Swimsuit That Fits Perfectly

Finding a swimsuit that makes you feel like a million bucks can definitely present its fair share of challenges, so if there's any way to ease that process, we need to know about it. Recently, at her Everything But Water trunk show, we had the opportunity to chat with Maria Dobrzanska Reeves, designer of Marysia swimwear, about her tips on what to look for when shopping for that perfect suit. We figured that if there was anyone we should turn to for advice on what to look for in a great-fitting suit, it would be her. 

Dobrzanska Reeves has spent her whole life either in swimwear or a leotard, as she was a ballerina, a lifeguard, a swimmer, and a surfer growing up. It was her unique lifestyle and upbringing that made her want to start designing swimwear, along with her physiology studies in college teaching her much about the human body.

She is fully aware of the struggles involved in finding swimwear you feel comfortable in, no matter your age or body type, and provided excellent areas to be mindful of when trying on swimwear so that you can discover the best suit possible for you

Keep reading to find out what you should be thinking about when shopping for a swimsuit that fits perfectly, and to shop flattering suits! 

WHO WHAT WEAR: As a swimwear designer, what are some of the major details you pay attention to to provide a great-fitting suit?

MARIA DOBRZANSKA REEVES: Fabric and cut. The textured fabric I use in my suits really hugs the body well. We also use signature scalloping that is cut by hand so it doesn’t dig in to your body, preventing any bulging.

WWW: In regard to fit, what should women avoid when searching for the best-fitting suit possible?

MDR: Definitely something too small. It might feel good initially because it holds you in place, but you don’t want it to be hugging too much, especially where the elastic is. It’s also dependent on what women feel confidant in—it really comes down to that. If they feel great then that’s the most important thing. Confidence is key.

WWW: Are there key areas to pay attention to when trying on swimwear? 

MDR: I think it all depends on your body and what your lifestyle is like. If you’re more active, you probably don’t want a strapless style, but if you hate tan lines, you probably want the strapless style and the tiniest possible bikini bottoms.


MDR: If you have certain areas you would like to cover up, a one-piece is a great option. Hopefully women know themselves and know what to look for. I try to think up all different sizes and shapes within my collection, so there is something for everyone. I want my suits to be ageless. I recently had another trunk show, and there was this woman who was about 80 years old who put on the one-piece and looked so good. Later on in the day, a young curvy girl tried on the same suit and she looked amazing as well, proving that these suits fit all kinds of body types.

WWW: What do you think is the number one mistake women make in regard to fit when choosing a suit?

MDR: Buying the wrong suit for your body type just because it’s popular or looks good on the model. Also buying bottoms that are too small.

WWW: When caught in between sizes, is it better to buy swimwear on the smaller side or slightly bigger side?

MDR: This also depends on your body type, but I would say smaller because they do stretch a little bit in the water when wet so you don’t want to buy something slightly too big or else it might fall off in the water.

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