How Our Favorite Fashion Items Got Their Names

Usually when we’re drawn to a particular fashion item, it’s a purely aesthetic response—rarely based in reason or facts. Whether it’s a bag or a shoe, we simply love the way something looks or what it (and the brand behind it) stands for. But one result of those instantaneous attractions is that we seldom dig deeper into a piece’s history—like where it came from, when it first debuted, and what its mysterious name refers to.

We go around coveting these Drews, Pashlis, and Falabellas without really knowing what those names even mean to the houses that made them. Surely that’s no crime, but as a fashion-obsessed editor, I’ve always been curious about the naming process behind it all. Do designers just pick names they like out of thin air? Do they obsess over their decisions as if naming a child? Where—to put it simply—do these names come from? I set off to found out, and each answer was totally unexpected.

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