I'm Not Engaged Yet, But I've Bookmarked These 41 Honeymoon Outfit Ideas

You know how they say every woman dreams of their wedding day? Well, that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll happily research recent collections to identify wedding trends, and I’ll even give my bestie advice about what to wear to other people’s weddings. But when it comes to the idea of my wedding, I’m pretty apathetic about it. Frankly, the only three things I’ve ever cared about are finding the love of my life, finding the perfect dress, and flying somewhere outside the States. I know that should I ever get married, the only thing I’ll spend hours thinking about is what to wear on the honeymoon. Forget the flowers; what am I going to wear in Florence, Italy? Forget worrying about who to invite; I’d like to go to the Maldives so no one can come. Maybe that makes me a bit crass, but I don’t care. There are more important things to worry about—like finding the perfect thing to pack for a honeymoon.  

So in that vein, I’ve done some research to identify six popular destinations and found the perfect honeymoon outfits for each trip. You’ll only know what to wear, but you’ll be able to shop for the perfect pieces for it. And luckily for you, there’s no finder’s fee.

So you’re ready to live la dolce vita? It’s one thing to go on a vacation to Italy; it’s quite another to go for your honeymoon. Anywhere you go in Italy is delightful, but if you’re planning on staying on the Amalfi Coast, you’ll want to ensure that you embody that effortless Italian style with functional yet fun pieces. Be sure to pack linen and cotton dresses with luxe details and style them with flat sandals comfortable enough to traverse the rocky landscape with your love. You’ll also want to pack at least one great swimsuit—bonus points if you style it with a scarf, sunglasses, and a chain belt. Your rule of thumb in packing for this destination is to ask if it embodies the Italian phrase dolce far niente, aka the sweetness of doing nothing. If it’s too tight to chow down on pasta, don’t pack it. If you can’t imagine sitting in the sun in it, skip it. You want every outfit for this honeymoon destination to feel as if you did nothing but are still fabulous.

Shop the pieces you’ll need for your honeymoon:

I can’t imagine a better place to wear this dress than the Almafi Coast.

Considering that this region of Italy is known for its limoncello, this bag is a must-pack. 

what to wear on a honeymoon, honeymoon outfit ideas for vacation to Santorini, Greece



What better place to stare off into the sunset with the love of your life than Santorini, Greece? This Greek island in the Aegean Sea is known as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, but if you don’t want to look like just another newlywed, you’ll want to have a bit more fun with what you pack. Don’t be afraid to stand out against the signature blue-and-white Cyclades and opt for bolder hues. (Think a full-length cutout green maxi dress paired with flat sandals.) You want to pick pieces that have a little something extra but are also functional. The key to doing that is checking to see what type of fabric their composed of (so you don’t overheat) and errin on the more casual side to help you fit right in. You’ll also want to pack at least one fun swimsuit for lounging by the pool or water. I’d recommend picking a suit with tie-up elements and cutouts or styling a metallic bikini with fun heels and a chain-mail tank. When packing for a honeymoon in Santorini, think about this: If it doesn’t evoke the same idyllic image of the location itself, it’s not worth packing.

Shop the pieces you’ll need for your honeymoon:

Can't think of a better dress to wear by the Aegean Sea. 

Finish off all your looks with a little raffia fringe bag. 

Forget traditional swimsuit cover-ups for your honeymoon. If you really want to shine, throw this chain-mail tank over your suit, and watch everyone's eyes light up. 

You'll shine as bright as a Santorini sunset in this suit. 

Shop the matching Sparkle Tiny Ties Top ($60).

Perfect for lounging by the pool or dancing the night away with your partner. 

what to wear on a honeymoon, honeymoon outfit ideas  for vacation to Paris, France



Anyone who reads Who What Wear frequently knows that we have a thing for French fashion. Can you blame us, though? The French have the dreamy aesthetic down to a science, so it only makes sense that the mere idea of spending your honeymoon in Paris with your soul mate can speak to your soul (in a sweet accent). If you're heading to the City of Love with your amour for your honeymoon, then you won't want to treat packing for this trip like any other trip. (It's Paris, after all.) Don't be afraid to embrace your sophisticated side and pack a little tweed suit set or relaxed suit with crisp tailoring styled with chunky loafers or little slingback heels. For a night out, do the most and opt for something with feathers, rhinestones, or a sultry element. The key to not sticking out like a tourist is all about avoiding the cliché touristy pieces and embracing the art of dressing up. After all, if you’re in Paris for your honeymoon and you’re not going to dress up, when will you?

Shop the pieces you’ll need for your honeymoon:

Tweed in Paris? What's not to love?

Shop the matching Bia Mini Skirt ($175). 

Comfy and chic? You'll want to pack these for Paris. 

There's nothing more French than a red lip, so when choosing what outfits to pack for your trip, don't forget to finish off every look with a little lipstick. Just be warned: Your partner will be begging for all the bisous.

Feathers are a must-pack for Paris, and this embellished dress is ideal for a special evening in the city. 

Sequins are always a good idea, just like Paris is. 

Morocco has become a haven for honeymooners because it has some of the most beautiful hotels in the world—they’re typically former palaces, known as riads, with indoor courtyards. So it only makes sense that with beautiful architecture, spas, great food, and plenty of exploring, you’d want to spend your honeymoon here. Unlike other destinations, though, packing requires more thoughtfulness, as Morocco has a Muslim majority, and you’ll want to be respectful of the customs. You don’t have to cover your hair, but you’ll want to pack more modest pieces for when you’re out exploring—e.g., maxi skirts and dresses in linens and cotton, high-neckline tops, and maybe a scarf or hat for when you do want to be more modest. When heading to a bathhouse or the pool at your hotel, we recommend opting for a minimalist swimsuit and an oversize button-down or kaftan to cover up after. Ultimately, it’s all about packing pieces that are modest enough to not stick out like a sore thumb but are still functional and fashionable so you can feel your best. 

Shop the pieces you’ll need for your honeymoon:

The perfect hat to pack for any honeymoon. 

You'll feel comfortable and look cute in this bodysuit. 

This skirt is ideal for keeping modest and cool while you explore Morroco. 

Style this with matching linen pants and sandals for the perfect post-dip look. 

The best part about this suit? You can wear it after the honeymoon is over. 

Shop the matching Berlin Bottom ($50).

If the idea of lying by the beach and drinking piña coladas with your partner constitutes your dream honeymoon, then there’s no better place to go than Tulum, Mexico. Of course, packing for any old tropical vacation is easy—you need linen pieces, a swimsuit, and bug repellent. But this isn’t your typical trip; this is your honeymoon. As such, you’ll want to skip the cliché packing essentials and have a little fun with it. Why not pack a head-to-toe crochet set? Or opt for the most colorful oversize tropical-print shirt and pair it with equally bright sandals and a bag? Or wear a full-length animal-print gown? The key to making this trip feel special is to buy pieces that will make you feel special—bonus points if you embrace a little color, tropical prints, or dramatic hemlines.

Shop the pieces you’ll need for your honeymoon:

I mean, could you think of a cuter piece to pack for Tulum? 

Shop the matching Crochet Ruffle Hem Shorts ($262). 

You won't regret packing this hat; I promise. 

You'll be the coolest person at the resort with these shades. 

The only sandals you'll need for the entire trip. 

what to wear on a honeymoon, honeymoon outfit ideas for vacation to Kingston, Jamaica



Last but certainly not least: Kingston, Jamaica. While there are so many incredible places in the world to run away to as newlyweds, no place is like this historic city. For couples looking for less of a resort vibe and more of an authentic peek into Caribbean culture, this destination is perfect for you; you'll just want to pack and plan for what this city has to offer. It's a tropical island, so you'll want to opt for lightweight fabrics to stand the heat, but instead of picking cotton and linen pieces, if you're going to fit in, opt for mesh or even netted pieces in vibrant hues. Think of pairing a colorful swimsuit with a mesh T-shirt and flip-flops for when you raft down the Rio Grande. Or opt for a mesh dress with bright heels for when you go out to dance at reggaeton clubs. When it comes to packing for this honeymoon and any destination, it's all about drawing inspiration from where you're going and giving it your signature twist to create the perfect outfits.

Shop the pieces you’ll need for your honeymoon:

You'll blow them away in this. 

I can guarantee that everyone will compliment you on this bag. 

Pro tip: Pack going-out sandals that will match multiple outfits.