7 Greek Swimwear Brands Everyone's Talking About Right Now

Best greek swimwear brands



Picture yourself in Mykonos: The sun is shining, and beams of light reflect off of crystal blue water as waves crash against the warm sand. Dreamy, right? The onset of summer brings us all the most wonderful things in life—a chance to test out new trends or book a trip and head to the beach. Of course, with that prospect comes the realization that you need an arsenal of great summer pieces, including a swimsuit. And while there are so many great swimwear brands out there to shop from, it only makes sense that when trying to find stylish swimsuits for the summer we should be shopping straight from the source: Greece. 

Ahead, we’ve done some digging to find the seven best Greek swimwear brands to shop for right now. These brands are not only fan favorites among the fashion set, but their collections can also mentally transport you straight to a beach in Greece (even if you haven’t booked a flight).

1. Caroline Constas

Best greek swimwear brands, Caroline Constas


Courtesy of Caroline Constas

What pieces come top of mind when you think about your summer staples? A pair of platform sandals? A puff-sleeve top? No summer wardrobe is complete for the fashion set without a piece from Caroline Constas. The Greek-Canadian designer founded her namesake label in 2014 and garnered a cult following two years after for her iconic office-appropriate off-the-shoulder tops. To keep the sunlight shining on you in fashion, you have to bring the heat—which is something Constas has been able to do with her foyer into swimwear. The artist channels her childhood memories of Greece through bikinis adorned with toile, ruching, embroidered ruffles, and one-pieces with oversize puff sleeves and sleek belts. The result is a collection of suits that not only deserve the spotlight but will make you want to find your own little patch of sun to bask in.

Shop the brand:

The puff-sleeves on this one-piece are darling. 

The toile on this one-piece almost looks like a type of mosaic tiles you'd find in a Greek home. 

2. Zeus + Dione

Best greek swimwear brands, Zeus+Dione


Courtesy of Zeus+Dione

Long before it became trendy for brands to champion craftsmanship communities around the globe, the Greek founders Mareva Grabowski and Dimitra Kolotoura were already doing just that. The duo founded Zeus+Dione in 2012 to help revitalize the textile industry in Greece after the country’s economic crisis. Each piece is created using traditional Greek textile weaving and dying in various regions across the country, making each piece a true embodiment of the best of what Greek artisans have to offer. Whether you choose to don a swimsuit from the label or a gown, the brand’s attentiveness to craftsmanship will have you feeling like a Greek goddess yourself.

Shop the brand:

Note the subtle gold stripe on this one-piece, it’s very Greek. 

This suit would look so good against the crystal blue waters in Corfu. 

3.  Di Petsa

Best greek swimwear brands, Di Petsa


Courtesy of Di Petsa

If you consider yourself an avid Who What Wear reader, you may already be familiar with Di Pesta. (We’ve styled cover stars Barbie Ferreria and Zion Moreno in its pieces.) But what you might not know about the London-based womenswear label is that it’s only been around for two years despite making serious waves. The Greek designer Dimitra Petsa founded her namesake label in 2020 to explore the idea of wetness and all the taboos around it. It’s a concept that is not only represented by the designer’s innovative method of draping often sheer fabrics to create a “wet look,” but that’s embodied in her swimwear pieces too. Whether you want to hop in the water or just look like you’re constantly in it, Petsa’s pieces are a must-shop.

Shop the brand:

Not only is this swimsuit flattering, but it’s also made from sustainable econyl fabric.

This graphic print bra can be worn in the water, or when you’re lounging at home. 

4. Holydayswim

Best greek swimwear brands, Holydayswim


Courtesy of Holydayswim

Remember when we asked you to dream of sitting on the beach? Well, for Yasmine Hottary and Eugenie Radopoulos, a beach day in Athens is what inspired them to start a swimwear line. The Greek duo founded HolydaySwim in 2018 in an effort to create stylish sustainable swimsuits. Each piece is hand-crafted in Greece and is put through several rounds of fittings on different body types to ensure they look good on everyone. The result? A line of minimal swimsuits that anyone can wear just about anywhere in the world.

Shop the brand:

A simple black bikini is something you can wear for years to come.

Everything about this one-piece is delicious—from the subtle hardware to the asymmetrical strap, to the chocolate brown hue. 

Now I definitely want to book a trip to Greece.

5. Stefania Frangista

Best greek swimwear brands, Stefania Frangista


Courtesy of Stefania Frangista

There’s long been this misconception that a sustainable brand means it’s not stylish, but Stefania Frangista is changing that narrative one swimsuit at a time. The Greek designer launched her first swimwear collection in 2009 and has since continued to make strides by using recycled yarn made from plastic water bottle waste from the mediterranean sea to mitigate the brand’s CO2 impact. If that weren’t enough to sell you on the brand, each suit is handmade in Greece in some of the most significant trends moment (i.e., one-pieces without cutouts and trending colors like lilac). So basically, buying a swimsuit from this Greek brand is a purchase you won’t regret.

Shop the brand:

A hot pink cutout suit? Say no more. 

Purple has come back as a color trend, so this bikini is a great buy. 

Is this not the coolest cutout swimsuit you've ever seen? I mean...

6. Georgia Theodosiou

Best greek swimwear brands, Georgia Theodosiou


Courtesy of Georgia Theodosiou

They say that surfing is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can ever have, but for a fashion editor, there’s nothing more exciting than finding an on-the-rise brand. So you can guess how happy I was to stumble upon the small Greek brand Georgia Theodosiou. The namesake label was founded in 2019, making it still relatively new to the industry. But with a swimwear line featuring eye-catching twists like floral suits with cutouts and classic bikinis in denim fabric, it’s safe to say that this brand will be making some waves. Whether you’re down to ride them is your choice, but I’m willing to jump fully into the waters with this Greek brand and see where the ride takes me.  

Shop the brand:

The ruching on this suit is so chic. 

I’m still not over the fact this suit is made from denim. 

7. Sophie Deloudi

Best greek swimwear brands, Sophie Deloudi


Courtesy of Sophie Deloudi

Many people across Greece were impacted by the 2008 economic crisis, including designer Sophie Deloudi. For Deloudi, the crisis compelled her to leave the interior design field and start her swimwear line in 2014. And while the creative has now been designing for well over eight years, you can still see how her experience and identity have informed her work. Just look to the architectural-like lines and midcentury-modern prints found on her suits or the fact that every piece is produced in Greek factories. Deloudi has been able to use the foundations of her heritage as a building block to create swimwear that is as marvelous as the constructional wonders found across Greece.