2 Ideal Holiday Looks That Don't Include a Dress

black heeled ankle boots

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely kind of tired of the bells-and-whistles that come with holiday dressing. Sequins and sparkle for a dinner party when I’ll be seated the whole night? I’ll take a raincheck and stick to something comfortable this year. Tania Sarin, a Los Angeles based fashion blogger who heads TSarin.com, has been a go-to of mine when I’m looking for ‘fits that are edgy-but-approachable, especially now during the holiday season. After tapping through her stories and scrolling through her feed, she gets where I’m going this season so we reached out to see what was inspiring her. So no offense to the LBD—I just want to change it up a bit this season. Below are two less expected outfits from PAIGE I’ll be wearing these holidays, that go beyond the dress.

plaid blazer for winter Tania Sarin

I’ve started new holiday traditions with my friends, and trust me when I say we don’t get dolled up in dresses to go out to dinner. I love this look Sarin put together with PAIGE’s over-the-knee boots, a skirt, and a plaid jacket. Oh yeah, and the skirt has sparkle to it (subtle, of course). “This is something I’d also wear to a nice dinner or to go out for drinks with friends,” Sarin explains. “The sparkle-coated skirt is such a fun, understated holiday piece that’s definitely meant for wearing out.” On trend, easy, and fuss-free? Sounds like my kind of look.

fashion blogger style for holidays knee high boots mini skirt

Plaid blazers: Always a win. 

The classic white shirt that seriously goes with everything.

A slight sheen and it's doesn't have sparkles? I'm into it.

We love these heeled over-the-knee sock boots that feel extra special for the holidays. 

shearling denim jackets for winter

Hear us out: You can totally pull off denim for the holidays. The point of the season is to be cozy, so let’s embrace it! Why not swap your silks for shearling and give your pumps a break? A pair of heeled boots is the perfect solution. I’m totally into it, and so is Sarin. “Many people think jeans are too casual for the holidays, but it’s all about the styling,” she shares. “Black jeans naturally feel more elevated than blue; they can easily be dressed up or down, and they look super sleek with black boots.” I agree; you can catch me wearing this look to Christmas Eve dinner with the family, where I’ll be much more focused on the festivities at hand rather than fidgeting with an uncomfortable dress.

black skinny jeans and boots outfit interior inspo beanbag

Shearling and denim done in the most elevated way possible.

When have black skinny jeans ever been a bad idea?

Cone heel? Check. Slight slouch? Check. Pretty sure we just found the perfect boot.