We Went Holiday Shopping in SoHo—Here's What We Tried On

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If there's one person whose feed I can rely on to inadvertently convince me I should go shopping, it's Eliza Huber. My fellow New York–based editor is, not surprisingly, very cool in the way some people are who never seem to be under- or overdressed—they're just perpetually stylish and very much themselves.

Last week on a not-too-chilly day, Eliza and I indulged one of the city's great pastimes: a December morning spent meandering SoHo's stores and cobblestone streets in the selfless pursuit of holiday shopping. Given that we're both notorious Versace fangirls (and given Eliza's penchant for snapping herself in dressing rooms), it's no surprise we ended up on Greene Street doing a try-on of the brand's latest 90s Vintage Logo frames. Read on for all the selfies, shopping picks, and a little dive into Eliza's thoughts on style and gifting this holiday season. It's a treat.



"I typically describe my style as timeless and elegant with some darker touches that err on the side of grunge. I like neutrals like black, gray, navy, and off-white, especially in the winter, and I prefer to play around with textures—though I've been known to add a pop of color every now and then to throw people off. (Why do you think I've been eyeing Versace's red-and-gold cat-eye sunglasses? No one would expect them from me, which is what makes them so alluring.)

"When it comes to splurging, I need to know that the piece will have a big impact on my current wardrobe in the sense that it'll throw off my normal dressing and get me to think of the things I already own in new ways. My wardrobe as a whole is important to me, more so than single objects, so when a fresh addition is introduced, it needs to work with the totality of my closet."



"When it comes to gifting, I usually like to collect things throughout the year when I find them. That way, I don't have to scramble right before the holidays to find personalized gifts that will make the receiver feel special and seen. That said, this only works if I'm able to spot great gifts early on.

"Luxe accessories are my go-to because a lot of people won't buy them for themselves no matter how much they want them. My favorite accessories to gift are designer sunglasses because they're something you can wear every single day no matter the season and they make a big impact on an outfit. I gave a pair to my mom last year, and every time I see her wearing them, it makes me happy. Really, it's a gift for you, too."



"I feel like holiday dressing has calmed down a bit and parties more often than not call for an elevated casual look as opposed to the cocktail or formal dress codes we were used to pre-pandemic. This is perfect for me because I'm heavily biased toward wearing jeans, a bodysuit, and an oversize blazer for every occasion, and simply adding statement accessories—think shoes and sunglasses—will turn the outfit up a notch.

"For blazers, the big difference I'm making this season is I'm steering more toward patterned, textured blazers than simple black ones, which have been my go-to in past years. I'm obsessed with Versace's houndstooth style from the F/W 22 runway collection. The big shoulders are just an added bonus."



"I don't especially like to refer to investing in my wardrobe as 'a gift for myself' because that implies that I need to do something to deserve it when in reality, I see my clothes, shoes, and accessories as vehicles for expressing myself. If I see something that I love and can afford it or have the ability to save up for it, I'll get it and wear it again and again. There's no need to come up with an excuse if it's something that will make me feel good in the long run—emphasis on the 'long run' part. If an item is only going to make you happy for a few weeks, it's not worth spending a large amount of money on, in my experience.

"My biggest thing is trusting my gut when it comes to big purchases. For example, I spotted Versace's black cat-eye sunglasses in the brand's SoHo store and felt immediately drawn to them. I knew that if I walked out without them and they sold out, I'd regret it. There are lots of things I leave behind and never think about again, so when I think a splurge item will haunt me if I don't buy it, I usually go for it."


"One of my favorite trends right now is saffron, an extremely rich and luxurious shade of red that was all over the fall runways at Versace and some of my other favorite brands. Since I'm not a huge color person with my personal wardrobe, I'm looking to wear this trend in a minor way, preferably with accessories like shoes, bags, and eyewear. It's so eye-catching and can make even a simple look feel so expensive.

"I've also been loving the corporate trend we discussed heavily in February after Fashion Month. I like all the '80s and '90s takes on workwear, with pencil skirts, pinstripes, houndstooth, broad-shouldered blazers, and ties all happening in a big way. It feels like such a far cry from the comfort-facing clothes we've been donning to work from home, which is incredibly fresh and interesting to me."



"I love a statement pair of glasses but still manage to buy the pair that feels most wearable and classic to me. This cat-eye style is just that, and black is perfect to wear on repeat. They still have edge to them with the large, gold logo on the arm, but the shape of the actual glasses is timeless."


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