The 30 Things I'm Buying to Make My Pinterest Apartment Dreams Come True



Although I'm moving into my first apartment in a little over a month, I've been planning for it since I was in early college. I've had a running Pinterest board for the past few years, and after adding hundreds of pins of things that catch my eye, I've been able to pick things I know I love from the mix and create a concrete plan for decorating my apartment. Some people go with the flow, but I need to have things planned out far ahead and I'm not afraid to admit that. While the past month has been non-stop purchasing and planning things for my space, I decided to switch it up from my normal fashion writing and give you an inside scoop of things I either have my eye on or have already purchased. 

I'm also on a budget, so even though I wish I could buy the exact things off my Pinterest page (One day!), I've resorted to scouring the internet to find items that don't completely break the bank. If you're also on the hunt for trendy homewares for your space, then you're going to like the mix of options I've put together below. From mushroom lamps to chic trashcans (yes, you read that right), check out what's on my apartment decor shopping list.

This would not only look good on a coffee table, but makes for a great destressing activity.

H&M's vases always sell out quick, so I'm trying to get my hands on this ASAP.

Boy Smells make the best candles.

I love how chic this looks in black velvet.

I have yet to stop thinking about this lamp.

I bought this chair after a friend told me she was able to take a nap sitting on it.

I love plants but can't handle the more difficult ones, so a snake plant is perfect. 

For my bedroom, I'm buying almost everything from Target's Casaluna collection. Everything feels so luxurious but at an affordable price point.

These would make perfect coasters.

Perfect accent on top of a bookshelf.

It's hard to find gold candle holders that don't look tacky, and I know I'll keep these for a long time.

These will take mirror selfies to the next level.

I saw this lamp inside the store and knew it was the one instantly.

Not only will this look so good on my coffee table, but it'll remind me to journal daily.

You can never have too many cute vases.

A little plant would look so good in here.

I want to hang this up to make the room feel more fun and festive. Plus, it reflects natural light so beautifully.

I've always loved getting this mug as gifts, but I want one for myself now.

I'll be keeping my blankets in here.

Imagine how good this would look next to your couch.

I love this color scheme.

Jenga is a game me and my family always play, so this colored option will double as decor. 

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