5 Tips for Surviving the Heavy-Earring Trend


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Abstract shapes and architectural inspiration are dominating some of our favorite earring designs this season. A pair of statement-making earrings can instantly dress up a casual outfit or make for an eye-catching accessory during a night out. However, heavy earrings can also take a massive toll on the shape and condition of your ears. But before you toss out your favorite pair of oversize earrings, we recommend taking a look at what you can do to sport the trend without sacrificing comfort. Here are five essential tips for how to wear heavy earrings.

1. Distribute the Weight


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One of the major problems with heavy earrings isn’t just their weight but the way it’s distributed. The way earrings are designed, they can put an extraordinary amount of pressure on a very small portion of the ear. Try adding a small, near-invisible patch on the back of the ear, like Lobe Wonder Ear Support Patches ($7), to alleviate the stress. This will distribute the weight of the earrings over a greater portion of the ear.

2. Convert Into Clip-Ons


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One of our favorite ways to bear the weight of heavy post or stud earrings is converting them into clip-ons. The process is incredibly simple and will keep you from wanting to remove your earrings midday. Keep a pack of converters on hand like Clip-Ease Clip-On Earring Converters ($11), which are inexpensive and easy to apply. They also come in shades of gold, silver, and copper to match the metal of your earrings.

3. Monitor Use


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Regardless of how heavy your earrings are, get into the habit of removing them once you’re back home. This is an especially important tactic with heavy earrings, as it can minimize the extent to which the earlobes are stretched and strained.

4. Shop Smart


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Odds are you already have a couple pairs of heavy earrings you can’t live without, but it may be worth opting for lightweight options in the future. Many heavy-looking earrings are crafted with hollow wood or lightweight metals that give you the look without the discomfort.

5. Options for Severe Damage


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If you already have extensive lobe damage from wearing heavy earrings, a mild plastic surgery operation to strengthen your earlobes is available. It typically involves the injection of a filler like Restylane into the lobes to make them stiffer, plumper, and more durable. While this approach is more high-maintenance and expensive than other options, it’s worth considering if lobe damage is a concern.

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