The Wildest '90s Couture Looks You Probably Forgot About

In case you’re wondering when excitement over ’90s fashion will dial down, the answer is: not any time soon. The decade has inspired us to change up our personal wardrobes, has made us reconsider style stars who were killing it in a time when social media didn’t exist, and has simply made us revisit glamorous moments for much-welcomed nostalgia. The below falls into the latter. As Haute Couture Fashion Week shows will begin in just a few days in Paris (July 1 to be specific), we’re remembering what the runways looked like over 20 years ago.

In digging into the haute couture looks of the ’90s we pinpointed some of the wildest moments—some that are truly theatrical, some that are timelessly awe-inspiring, and some, well, that are just very ’90s. Across the board, we appreciate it all.

Follow along on a trip down memory lane and quite a bit of eye candy below.