4 Trends That Will Finally Convince You You're a Hat Person

I’d like to be the type of fashion editor who says she’s not intimidated by any fashion trends. But here’s a little secret: Hats intimidate me—big time. Unless it’s winter and I’m sporting a beanie, I’m very aware there’s something sitting on my head, perhaps making a statement all its own.

I give a lot of credit to those who have a signature topper in rotation, much like Bella Hadid all last spring. But if you’re still cautious about dipping your toe into headwear, start with the four trends below. While they’ve been floating around street style snaps and on runways alike, what’s—personally—quite comforting is that the fall hats ahead offer both classic (baseball caps) and more daring (hello, vinyl bucket hats) options to choose from, depending on where your head’s at (literally and figuratively).

Click in for the four styles that might finally convince you (and me) that you are indeed a hat person.