From Now On, Gucci's Collections Are Going to Be So Different

Gucci Announces It Will No Longer Be Using Fur


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Gucci has announced it has banned the use of fur in all collections from Spring 2018. Business of Fashion reports the luxury label has signed to the Fur Free Alliance, an organsiation that aims to banish the killing of animals for their fur, working towards a fur-free future.

Chief executive and and president of Gucci Marco Bizzarri explained to Business of Fashion "Do you think using furs today is still modern? I don't think it's still modern and that's the reason why we decided not to do that. It's a little bit out-dated".  

Gucci is not the first luxury label to ban the use of fur, however, with its influence, more brands will no doubt follow suit. It's a major decision for the luxury label considering some of its most recognisable items, like the cult Princetown Loafers ($900), are made with fur (the Princetown in particular used to use kangaroo fur, giving the shoes a close tie to Australia). Gucci, we approve.

Gucci's Unskilled Worker collaboration launches today, shop it before it's gone.

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