19 Gucci Bags You Won't Believe Are Under $500

Best Gucci Bags Under $500


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We get it: It can take serious time, thought, and saving (of course) before pulling the trigger on a designer bag. Buying full-price items is a much more stressful shopping task than buying secondhand, because, well, new bags come with a pretty hefty price tag while secondhand options tend to be heavily reduced. If you're itching to add a new piece of arm candy to your collection, but you aren't ready to dish out a cool $2000, you'll be so happy to know that more affordable designer bags do exist—and today we found the absolute best previously owned Gucci bags at The RealReal and Rebag that ring in at or under $500. In other words, run, don't walk, because these purses are destined to fly off the shelves. 

If you're still thinking, though, that $500 is a bit outside your budget, it's important to mention the value of a Gucci bag—it's a true investment piece that you'll have in your closet for years and years to come and will hold its value season after season. In fact, sales for vintage Gucci bags have seriously spiked in recent months, so it's actually quite surprising that these bags are still on the shelves.

Ahead, the best Gucci bags that you won't have any buyer's remorse about. 

The perfect pair-with everything bag has arrived.

Hands-free is the only way to go, you know?

Another must-have hobo bag that would totally fit into Bella Hadid's closet.

This is the ideal carryall—it's great for work, play, or travel.

Hurry up and scoop this one up before it's gone.

A classic black bag will never fail you.

Here's another amazing carryall.

Next up, why these popular Gucci bags are worth the money.

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