This Is What Your Favorite Gossip Girl Characters Would Buy From Zara Today


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Who else is ready for Gossip Girl to come back? Because I definitely am. As an avid fan of the series from day one, I remember fawning over the stylish aesthetics of Serena and Blair, praying I would one day be as chic as they were. Okay, I’ll admit I still try to be as chic as they were, but in a more current and approachable way. As an avid Zara shopper (seriously, I have proof), I always try to imagine what the women I admire, both fictional and not, would purchase from the fast-fashion retailer.

It might sound weird, but it’s actually a fun way to switch up your approach to shopping for yourself whenever you’re not feeling your everyday go-to style. For example, when I have a special event to attend, I try to channel the likes of Serena for her timeless glamour, and for a luncheon, the girly Upper East Side je ne sais quois Blair will be forever known for, but I digress.

At the end of the day, if you miss these iconic Gossip Girl characters as much as we do, anything having to do with them brings about the good kind of nostalgia. So we thought it would be fun to shop out the Zara items we think they would buy on their own today. Based on all the style nuances of the characters we know and love, you might be surprised to see how spot-on some of these Zara items are to the inherent appearance of your favorite GG characters. Are you ready to be stunned?

Go on to shop the Zara items we think the most famous Gossip Girl characters would buy from the retailer today.



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Serena was one of those characters who could wear literally anything and somehow pull it off. However, that's not to say she didn't have a style personality of her own. When I think of Serena, I think glam, perfect tailoring, and sky-high stilettos. 

Shop Serena's style:



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Blair Waldorf quickly became a style icon for girls in private schools everywhere (e.g., me). It started with her innovative capabilities of dressing up her uniform, including headbands, tights, and preppy blazers, and quickly transitioned into the polished and picture-perfect lady Blair wanted her loyal minions to see her as. Think tweed jackets, pumps, and feminine detailing of all kinds.

Shop Blair's style:



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Remember when Jenny used to be a good-girl freshman at Constance? Yeah, neither do we. The iconic Jenny Humphrey will go down in history as the edgy and rebellious girl from Brooklyn who lived in all things leather, checks, and rocker chic.

Shop Jenny's style:



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Due to the overwhelming number of secrets, lies, and manipulations living under Lily van der Woodsen's roof, she needed an exterior that remained put-together yet laid-back. But don't put it past this supermom to stun at a social event with her perfectly quaff chignons and floor-length gown, either.

Shop Lily's style:

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Put Vanessa anywhere besides Brooklyn and she stuck out like a sore thumb. Typically flaunting bohemian frocks, eclectic jewelry, and contrasting colors, this character's style can basically be summed up today as festival chic.

Shop Vanessa's style:

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