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Meet Lauren, Who What Wear's fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her The Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand, including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves with you.

Mimi and I use The Devils Wear Zara for many things. Most of the time, we're informing you of our latest Zara obsessions, but every once in a while, we like to ask all of our followers to fill us in on the pieces they have purchased lately that have them abnormally excited. Since there is so much product constantly circulating throughout Zara, both in-store and online, we find that getting the inside scoop from our followers allows us to discover products we might not have noticed before, and hopefully you'll feel the same way. 

This time around, as we have done in the past, we wanted to hone in on a specific age group—20-year-olds. We've asked women in their 50s, 30s, and more what they love buying from Zara, and today, all the shopping-savvy 20-year-olds are here to share with you some of their most recent Zara purchases. Everything from the perfect going-out top to birthday dresses galore is included in the selection ahead, and while the shopping here is good, their quotes are even better, so be sure to read up on why these young women love the pieces ahead. 

“I bought this on a whim, and it’s become my new go-to blouse. It’s super flattering and can be worn on or off the shoulder. It pretty much pairs with everything.” — Emme Zastempowski, 24

“I love the color and the fit of this dress on me, and it’s trendy without being an exact copy of something else.” — Maria Chiara, 22

“I recently bought these earrings at Zara because they look like the ones from Isabel Marant. I wanted that item for such a long time because it really upgrades any look for the night, of course, but also during the day with a vintage T-shirt.” — Geraldine Verheyen, 27

“I graduated getting my MBA in this pink double-breasted blazer that I fashioned as a dress (I’m 5’3”). My Elle Woods moment! I could have thrown a belt on with it but loved the straight fit. The outfit was perfect for me—a business student who wears oversize Zara blazers and heels to class.” — Chanel Tekin, 26

“I bought this set for a trip to Hawaii. I love it because you can dress it up with a metallic heel or easily throw on a pair of sneakers!” — Jordan Garcia, 24

“This simple tank top with a ’90s neckline was only $6! I also love [to wear] silky cargo pants with them. They look and feel expensive, and the fit is perfect. Wore them both out for drinks that same night.” — Marissa McFarland, 25

“I loved the color! It was very fitting to end my 20s and enter my 30s with!” — Omnia, 30

“I haven’t been able to wear it yet, but I bought it because sarong/pareo skirts are the next new trend for skirts. It’s feminine and chic because of the shape and fabric and fun because of the dots and the blue color. You can wear it everywhere. Dress it up or down, with heels or sneakers.” — Laura van der Duim, 24

“I bought this mesh skirt because I’m spending the summer in Europe, mostly Italy, and there’s something about this skirt that seems a bit old-town romantic but with a very modern twist.” — Maggie Tyma, 22

“I just bought this dress for a wedding. The goal is to not dress like anyone else there. I also paired it with these shoes!” — Kate Fae, 24

“I love this blazer because you can literally wear this with anything! Jeans, skirt, dress. The blazer is on-trend and perfectly lightweight for summer and loose fitting.” — Jodie Cruttende, 23

“I tried this on for fun thinking I’d feel like a mermaid, but I ended up loving it. I felt like I was in Mama Mia. I will wear it to a disco night or maybe my birthday next Saturday.” — Ana Write, 25

“I recently bought this shirt at Zara and am obsessed with the color for spring. I also feel like the polka dots are super on-trend right now.” — Rebecca Steen, 22

“I’ve stepped away from street style–inspired clothing this spring to embrace more classic pieces. I stress-ordered a ton of stuff this week from Zara and everything fit PERFECTLY. Can’t beat a pleated skirt with a collared shirt!” — Natalie Engel, 22

“I recently bought this floral-print dress! I love it because the shape is really romantic, but the print is kind of funky. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation all the time. I picked it up on a whim as I was about to check out, and it’s perfect.” — Hayley Dashiell, 24

“I just bought this lingerie-style tank in black, I love it because it’s a perfect base under a blazer for work, and perfect on its own with jeans for date night. It’s also giving me excellent Posh Spice/’90s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen vibes.” — Jennifer Skarda, 26

“I’m 29 and work for a production company that puts on the Billboard Music Awards so I always need red carpet outfits without the price. I never wear red, so this was a fun departure from my usual black jumpsuit I wear to work every day.” — Bianca Caloca, 29

“I love this sweatshirt because of the tie-dye and the colors. I love this trend. You can wear it with anything—skirts, bikers, jeans—and it’s easy to style either in a casual or formal way.” — Aranxa Delgado, 23

“I just recently bought these gorgeous platform heeled leather sandals from Zara. The squared toe is a cool, trendy update, and the sea-foam colored suede is the perfect pop of color to add to my work attire. All for under $50!” — Brittany Segal, 20

“I LOVE BIG TOPS. Tops that kind of have it all, and depending on how you pair or accessorize it, it can be a completely different look. So versatile and so stylish. Zara has the best stylish tops.” — Maggie Tyma, 22

“My last purchase was this dress. It’s so versatile and beyond flattering. One of those pieces you can easily dress up or down in the summer.” — Lara Rebello Gomez, 23

“I recently bought these jeans and am IN LOVE. They are the perfect cut, fit, and length, and I am so excited to wear them all summer long! Probably going to have to pick them up in all colors.” — Bailey Osborn, 27

“Being from the Caribbean, I have always loved bright colors and am constantly looking for ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I was immediately mesmerized with these red chandelier earrings. They are definitely a great statement piece.” — Yazeli E. Cruz Rivera, 27

“I fell in love with this shirt as soon as it came out. I was dying for it to get re-stocked. Finally, I bought it and I couldn’t be happier. It fits really well and makes me look so chic and effortless.” — Ines Sofia Pinto Moreira, 21

“It’s been a pretty mild start to summer, so this dress has been perfect for transitioning—longer sleeves to keep you warm but lightweight enough to wear without a jacket or layer one on. The black-and-white polka dots are easily styled with other colors to help your outfit pop and get in the spring mood.” — Leila, 27

“I recently bought this dress mainly because of how versatile and flattering it is.” — Sofia Mart, 28

“These have to be my favorite boots I own in my entire shoe collection! They’re unique, great quality, and can be paired with so many pieces because of the neutral snakeskin print. The heel is quite high and can be a little painful, but I added insoles and they really helped.” — Rizwana Saleh, 21

“I have recently bought so many things, but I am especially obsessed with this OTS top! I love it because the straps are detachable and it has the flow of an OTS top but structured underneath to make it look a bit classier. I am going to wear this with a slip skirt and those white Zara heels everybody has.” — Monica Chang, 26

“I bought these pearl hoop earrings because I wanted to change up my gold hoop game. I love how the pearls are imperfect and add a really simple elevated touch to my outfits.” — Monica Chang, 26

“I can’t imagine something more fitting for summer. The fit, the slit, and even how it fits my chest—I am in love.” — Yarden Ozeri, 25

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