Life Hack: Goody’s New Hair Accessories Are An Instant Serotonin Boost

Let me level with you: I am not a hair accessory person. Aside from the occasional claw clip to keep my hair out of my face, the only hair accessories I reach for are plain old hair elastics. In my mind, many hair accessories fall squarely under the "kitschy" label: often, they're too bright, too bedazzled, too hyper-feminine. 

For that reason, my ears have honestly never perked up when a brand announces new hair accessories. I've recently been pleasantly surprised, however, by a new launch from Goody, called the Goody Tru line. 



Goody Tru is a new line of hair accessories from Goody that's in collaboration with three multicultural female artists: Hola Lou, a visual artist based in Mexico City; Let It Happen, a dance trio of sisters based in the Netherlands, and Reyna Noriega, an Afro-Caribbean visual artist based in Miami.  

After spending a couple of sun-dappled days in Miami with Noriega, it's apparent how much the city inspires her art—and that inspiration has wiggled its way into her Goody Tru line. "We were intentional about it from start to finish, from the accessibility, from the usability, from the quality, it was very nice to do a collaboration where I had a say," said Noriega. "I'm just grateful I got to translate my art in this way."

Each artist's Goody Tru collection has hair brushes, claw clips, head bands, barrettes, scrunchies, elastics, and other hair pieces to choose from. Each hair accessory is infused with personality and stays far, far away from the realm of kitsch.

Below, I've curated my ten favorites that I think would please even the most anti-hair accessory people among us (speaking from experience!). Available exclusively at Walmart, every accessory is under $10. Keep reading to see the absolute best of the new Goody Tru collection. 

I've been wearing these abstract blue mini claw clips non-stop.

These luxe-looking scrunchies look way more expensive than they are. 

These coil hair ties won't leave any marks in your hair, and they look pretty.