7 Women Who Never Go Braless Tried It for a Day—Read Their Honest Takes

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At this point, we'd like to think that we can wear (and suggest that others wear) whatever the hell they want. Skirts as tops? Go for it. Upside-down shorts? Why not? There are no rules governing your body and the way you choose to present it. Yet, after so many conversations with friends, I've realized that many of us still feel reservations about going braless in public.

Whatever the reasons, more and more women are ditching their bras lately—even creating entire body-positivity movements around it. Thanks to celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner who frequently go out without one, there are so many cool styling ideas to get inspired by if you're willing to try it out for yourself. But whether you've never gone braless, have tried it a few times, or can't remember the last time you wore one, you probably have a few opinions on the matter.

I wanted to get to the heart of the discussion, so I asked the lovely ladies of Clique to join me in seeing what all the hype is about anyway. These seven women are getting real about embracing their bodies as they are, breasts included. Read what they have to say about going braless after parting ways with theirs for a full 24 hours—and, of course, what they wore.

Hadley Mendelsohn, Associate Editor at MyDomaine

"I had a C cup by seventh grade and reached my fully grown size by 16: 32E. I've been very comfortable with how they look ever since they arrived, though I'm not always as comfortable physically. Some bras give me serious backaches, and others (usually sports bras) yank them up so close to my neck that I feel like I might suffocate. This is partly because it's extremely difficult to find the right fit without spending up to $250 on a bra.

"If I'm wearing a semi-sheer top or pretty much anything that looks more flattering with the right bra underneath, my compromise is to throw it off right when I get home, and I also go braless at least four times a week. It really just depends on my mood. The only time I feel exposed or insecure about my nipples showing through—which honestly happens even when I have a bra on, because I always forgo pads—is when I'm on public transit or walking alone. In that case, I wear my hair down or bring a light jacket. My favorite thing to wear when I'm going braless is an off-the-shoulder sweater, an oversize hoodie, a slip dress or top, and anything smocked. Sometimes even a T-shirt if that's what I feel like and the occasion fits."

Victoria Hoff, Managing Editor at THE/THIRTY

"I had borderline non-existent boobs until about two years ago. Then I got my IUD, and within a matter of months, I was suddenly a C cup. As someone who was very accustomed to going bra-free on a daily basis, I've had to make a really big adjustment to dress for a different chest size. I've since accumulated a whole new bra wardrobe, and I'm only just starting to really appreciate my slightly larger boobs, although I often miss the ease of just throwing on a top without having to worry if it looks unflattering or inappropriate.

"But I really went for it last weekend, opting to go bra-free while running errands and meeting up with friends. At first, I noticed that my self-consciousness was manifesting in my body language—I felt more inclined to cross my arms or obscure my chest from view. But once I realized this, I tried to let myself relax and ultimately came to the conclusion that A) no one cares, and B) I felt eons more comfortable without an extra layer of fabric on a 95-degree Saturday afternoon. In a way, I feel as though I've gone through a belated puberty, so I'm trying to give myself the space and empathy to adjust. (Body changes are hard!) But this experiment was great immersion therapy, and it was ultimately a reminder that the decision to be self-conscious or not ultimately falls to me."

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Christie Calucchia, Assistant Editor at MyDomaine

"It's not entirely out of character for me to go braless every once in a while, but I'm always sure to do so in clothes that make feel comfortable: pieces that are well lined and tight enough to keep my C-cup breasts from moving around too much. Over the weekend, I spent my Saturday without a bra, and no one stared, judged, or really seemed to notice the one thing I was thinking about each time I interacted with someone new, which was something along the lines of Oh my god, I'm not wearing a bra. Can you see my nipples?

"Aside from this reoccurring thought, I felt confident, comfortable, and happy to be wearing one less article of clothing in the L.A. summer heat. I opted for a black linen sundress during the day and a hot-pink tank with a bit of a plunging neckline to wear out to bar with friends later that evening. Both pieces were structured and made of well-lined materials that allowed me to feel good about not wearing a bra."

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Aemilia Madden, Editor at Who What Wear

"I'm a 34B, which means for most occasions, I can forgo a bra and be fairly inconspicuous. For me, it's usually more comfortable to skip a bra completely. Going a full day at the office without a bra could feel unprofessional, but I was careful to choose an outfit that didn't feel too overt. A loose but structured top allowed me to be comfortable without risking a wardrobe malfunction that might make my co-workers uncomfortable. Avoiding anything too thin or sheer is the key to pulling it off; co-workers shouldn't wonder what's going on under your shirt. While I know that for many women, it can be uncomfortable to go braless, for me, it's definitely my preference."

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Sacha Strebe, Editorial Director at MyDomaine

"To be honest, I often go to work without a bra. I'm not wearing one today. I quite frequently decide against wearing one because they are so uncomfortable for me. I never had large breasts, but since breastfeeding my son, I have been reduced to that of my 12-year-old body. But I'm certainly not unhappy about it; it's just that I feel like there isn't a bra out there for me anymore. I don't think bras were designed for women with flat chests, because anything with a wire just digs into my rib cage (ouch!), and anything without wire just doesn't sit properly, because there is no boob to fill the cup. Outside of that, there are only sports bras, which don't always work under cute tops or blouses, and quite frankly, I only enjoy wearing those when I'm going to hot yoga. So I guess this is a call of action to all bra brands to consider women who have very small breasts when designing their range and create a bra that is comfortable and pretty."

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Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Editor at Who What Wear

"Trust me—I'm all for the idea of going braless. If you looked in my Instagram Saved folder, you'd see inspo images of It girls like Kendall Jenner and Reese Blutstein boldly ditching the lingerie. But what most people don't let on about the braless trend is that it tends to be restricted to women with notably small chests who can 'get away with it.' Still, I was up for the sartorial challenge. I wanted to essentially mimic this look but ultimately decided that a fitted white tank didn't lie well across my C-cup chest, and decided I'd be uncomfortable with the idea that my outfit would force everyone who I interacted with to notice my lack of a bra.

"Instead, I opted for a looser-fitting top that tied in the front. The darker linen was the perfect fabric to hide the fact that my chest wasn't as smoothed over as it normally is. It sounds counterintuitive, but wearing a plunging neckline like mine or a wrap top actually looks more natural sans bra than wearing a top with a higher neck. Overall, I felt tangibly more relaxed throughout the day, and I'm aiming to try a similar look again this weekend."

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Kelsey Clark, Lifestyle News Editor at MyDomaine

"I went braless this past Saturday to an outdoor party in my neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. I was wearing an open-back red bodysuit that didn't allow for a bra, with vintage Levi's jeans from Re/Done and high-top Converse. While I tend to go braless more in the summertime, I ditch it year-round—it makes me feel more comfortable and uninhibited and, if the top is super flattering, a bit sexier. I basically love feeling like I'm wearing pajamas whenever possible."

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Now, hopefully, you have a better idea of what to wear if you decide to ditch your bra.

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