7 Women Who Never Go Braless Tried It for a Day—Read Their Honest Takes

At this point, we'd like to think that we can wear (and suggest that others wear) whatever the hell they want. Skirts as tops? Go for it. Upside-down shorts? Why not? There are no rules governing your body and the way you choose to present it. Yet, after so many conversations with friends, I've realized that many of us still feel reservations about going braless in public.

Whatever the reasons, more and more women are ditching their bras lately—even creating entire body-positivity movements around it. Thanks to celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner who frequently go out without one, there are so many cool styling ideas to get inspired by if you're willing to try it out for yourself. But whether you've never gone braless, have tried it a few times, or can't remember the last time you wore one, you probably have a few opinions on the matter.

I wanted to get to the heart of the discussion, so I asked the lovely ladies of Clique to join me in seeing what all the hype is about anyway. These seven women are getting real about embracing their bodies as they are, breasts included. Read what they have to say about going braless after parting ways with theirs for a full 24 hours—and, of course, what they wore.

Now, hopefully, you have a better idea of what to wear if you decide to ditch your bra.