Celebs Freaking Love Glossier—These Are the Products They Wear the Most

If you think it would be enough for me to basically eat, sleep, and breathe all things beauty, you'd be wrong. What do I do in my spare time? Stalk celebs. What, specifically, do I figure out about them? Their exact product-by-product beauty routines. So not only do I spend every waking second of my career steeped in beauty, but I also like to inhale celeb-approved products off duty as well. Does anyone else fall asleep to Vogue's Beauty Secrets series? Just me? 

I can already tell I'm in a rambling mood today, so I'll get to the good stuff. After interviewing countless members of the A-list myself and watching and reading interviews celebs have done with other publications, it's become abundantly clear that there's something consistently in the water when it comes to celeb-approved beauty staples, and it starts with a G and ends in an l-o-s-s-i-e-r. Yep! Celebrities are just like us and are equally infatuated with all things Glossier. In fact, to prove my point further, I reached out to Glossier HQ to get an official list of some of our fave famous names who share our love for some of Glossier's most iconic products. Keep scrolling, and grab your wallet—you're going to want to add each and every one of these products to your shopping cart ASAP. 

Sydney Sweeney


(Image credit: @sydney_sweeney)

Sweeney is one of our favorite beauty muses, so you can imagine how my ears pricked up when she shared her go-to product routine for sensitive skin and a soft-glam makeup look with Vogue. Her Glossier faves? Lidstar to give her eyes a hint of neutral shimmer, concealer to cover up any spots and shadows, and a touch of the brand's cult-loved Cloud Paint blush, which she loves due to how natural it looks.

Gigi Hadid


(Image credit: @gigihadid)

According to Glossier HQ, the model is known to be a fan of the brand's best-selling lip balm, Balm Dotcom. (I'm definitely not surprised because it's amazing and is hard to beat that price point!)

Camila Mendes


(Image credit: @camimendes)

"I use Glossier Boy Brow in Black, which comes on a little strong—not overbearing, but it's definitely more visible and makes my brows stand out more. I use that if I want to have a bolder look," Mendes told Cosmopolitan.

The actress also recommends Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint, which she uses as a lightweight foundation to help even out her skin tone. "I like how light this Glossier foundation is. It's not full coverage. It's kind of liquidy and watery, but it helps with evenness because my skin still looks like skin, which I like. I also feel like I'm not clogging my pores as much [when I use it]," she said.

Cynthia Erivo


(Image credit: @cynthiaerivo)

I could listen to the lovely Erivo chat beauty all day, and I'm equally obsessed with two of her go-to Glossier must-haves, which she shared here with Vogue—Boy Brow and Lip Gloss.

Quinta Brunson


(Image credit: @quintab)

When Brunson recently shared an in-depth look into her beauty routine with Allure, I couldn't help noticing that a large portion of the products she mentioned bore the iconic Glossier name. Her favorites span skincare and makeup—from cult products like Cloud Paint to complexion saviors like Milky Oil and Super Pure. 



(Image credit: @sza)

Take one look at SZA's IG, and you'll note that perfectly glossed lips are kind of the singer's signature. Her secret, according to Glossier HQ? The brand's best-selling Lip Gloss. (Clearly, it's a huge favorite among the celeb set.)

Ashley Tisdale


(Image credit: @ashleytisdale)

Our friends at Glossier revealed that Tisdale is yet another A-lister who favors two of the brand's most iconic products: Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom. The actress's favorite iteration of the latter? The dreamy Rose flavor.

Tati Gabrielle


(Image credit: @tatigabrielle)

If you're looking to emulate Gabrielle's signature statement-making makeup aesthetic, you'll need four key Glossier products per this video from Vogue: Cloud Paint, Brow Flick, Lash Slick, and Generation G. 

Madison Beer


(Image credit: @madisonbeer)

Like her fellow celeb fans, Beer loves Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint for a featherlight dose of coverage along with Lash Slick—low-key one of the best mascaras ever to exist on Planet Earth. (My words, not hers, but I think she'd agree!)

Diana Silvers


(Image credit: @dianasilverss)

How does Silvers get her brows so good? Boy Brow, duh. "I feel like everyone loves this," she told Vogue. "It's a staple in everyone's makeup bag."



(Image credit: @wiffygriffy)

Singer Griff swears by numerous Glossier concoctions when prepping her beauty look before a show. In this video from Vogue, you can see how she incorporates skincare staples like the Priming Moisturizer Rich (trust me—you need it!) and Balm Dotcom, plus a couple of makeup nonnegotiables like liquid liner and a well-loved clear lip gloss. 

Lila Moss


(Image credit: @lilamoss)

ICYWW what the model daughter of one of the most famous supermodels of all time keeps on hand at all times in her bag… Glossier concealer (among other things, as shown here courtesy of Vogue)!

Charithra Chandran


(Image credit: @charithra_chandran)

If you're craving more content from one of our favorite stars of Bridgerton, you'll definitely need to give Chandran's Vogue beauty rundown a watch. She's a font of tips, tricks, and holy-grail beauty knowledge! That said, to cut to the chase, she's a big Glossier stan and keeps Boy Brow, Brow Flick, and Gen Z in her regular rotation. 

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