Save Your Money—These Cult-Loved Sephora Finds Are Actually So Affordable



Even before I become a beauty editor, I knew the walls of Sephora like the back of my hand. (Yep, I've always been that obsessed with beauty.) And now, if pressed, I could probably name every single brand that's sold at the retailer, in addition to each of said brand's best-selling products. I'm well-versed, if I may.

Despite the influx of new formulas that hit the beauty market each week, there are certain products that will just go down in history as truly the best and most iconic, complete with devout cult followings. And, surprise, surprise, a large ratio of those products can be found at Sephora. Another, far more surprising fact? A huge helping of those products are actually startingly affordable and fall under the $40, $20, and even $10 mark in some cases. Intrigued yet?

I wanted to celebrate some of the industry's most illustrious beauty icons—the products you can buy and try with full, 100% satisfaction guaranteed confidence—that also boast reasonable, bank account-friendly price tags. Of course, everyone's definition of "affordable" is varied, but below, I'm sharing 20 A+ Sephora products that have rave reviews, mass followings, and an under $38 price tag. Keep scrolling! 

This purse-perfect size of Anastasia's beloved clear brow gel is less than $10. If you're waiting for a sign, this is it!

Ask anybody—beauty editors, makeup artists, celebrities… if you're looking for an ultra-long lasting (yet comfortable) liquid lipstick this summer, look no further. I own a bazillion colors and have yet to meet another liquid formula that comes close to this budget-friendly option. 

Would this product's TikTok virality and the 3000 plus reviews on Sephora lie? If you want a spa-grade exfoliating treatment for less than $10, this cult-loved product from The Ordinary is it.

Believe it or not, you don't actually have to spend $300 on an amazing hyaluronic acid serum. This one from The Inkey List is a favorite amongst editors and Sephora shoppers alike, and the 1500 glowing reviews prove it. 

This is the perfect hair oil regardless of your hair's color, texture, length, or health. Every other hair oil wants to be this lightweight formula! It's the Regina George of hair oils, only so much nicer. Try it and thank me later. 

Sure, it's hard to go wrong with any product from our girl Selena's line, but this feather-light brightening concealer is an underrated best-seller you definitely need in your repertoire. 

This iconic lip and cheek tint has been around forever, and there's a reason it's still one of the best makeup elixirs in the biz despite all of the similar products that have launched in its wake. Do yourself a favor and just buy the OG—you'll get the perfect burst of sun-kissed color, and who doesn't like a handy multitasking product?

Refy is still a relatively new brand, so the fact that it's quickly become one of the most-wanted makeup brands on the scene is impressive. I highly recommend all of the products, but I'm a brow pencil girl through and through, so this is the one I've gotten all of my friends hooked on. 

It's simple: If you want your makeup to look freshly applied hours and hours after you've actually applied it, this super-famous setting spray from Urban Decay is the secret sauce. Nothing can compare, so just buy it.

Does this even need a caption? I use my Beautyblender for literally every single product I use (foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and bronzer), so I buy them 12 at a time. Every other makeup sponge or applicator is pretty much dead to me. 

These addictively juicy lip glosses from Tower 28 are having a much-deserved moment right now, and I'm 100% convinced they could convert even the most abject lip gloss despiser into a diehard believer. 

I'm about to say a highly controversial statement: Although I do love Charlotte Tilbury's Flawless Filter Highlighter, I think this lightweight dewy number from Saie does it better on so many levels. A) it features clean, nontoxic ingredients, B) it also serves the same multi-tasking capabilities (for instance I love using it as a primer or even mixing it into my foundation), and C) it's a lot cheaper. Not really sure what you're waiting for! My typically dull skin looks incredible on this stuff. 

Meet another great multitasker team every beauty editor I know is obsessed with. Just a couple of easy strokes across your lids, cheekbones, and lips, and you have a beautiful, monochromatic makeup vibe going that looks and feels effortless. I highly suggest snapping up every color that's available as they frequently sell out! 

This dreamy overnight mask has arguably the biggest cult following of any other beauty product out there right now. (So really, you're missing out if you haven't yet discovered the magic yourself!) The biggest challenge? Choosing just one flavor. 

This milky, ceramide-rich micellar water from Drunk Elephant is such a catch. It effortlessly removes makeup, dirt, pollution, and bacteria in one fell swoop and there's no need to rinse. Easy-peasy, and it feels so luxe. 

I've heard everyone under the sun wax poetic about this dew-inducing cleanser—fellow WWW staffers, celebrities, beauty editors, the full gambit. It's strategically tucked with antioxidant-rich blueberries, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and gentle AHAs for some light exfoliation. All skin types can benefit, but it's especially smart for anyone dealing with pores, oiliness, and/or acne. 

Summer Fridays previously sold-out Pool Time Glowing Body Oil is back (temporarily), just in time for warm weather season. Buy it while you can and reap all fo the shimmering, deliciously glowy skin perks this summer. (I'd even recommend stocking up on multiple bottles because who knows when it will disappear forever!)

I freak out whenever I meet someone who hasn't yet tried Topicals. This buttery face mask is a dream come true for dry skin, especially if you veer sensitive or have any related skin conditions like eczema. That said, even peeps with normal, combination, and/or oily skin types will fall head over heels for the nutrition-packed formula. 

This is by far one of the most famous liquid exfoliants in all of the land and one of the few skincare products that dermatologists, facialists, editors, and celebrities can all agree on. It's a facial in a $32 bottle, and sorry to be blunt, but your skin just isn't reaching its full potential without this guy sitting on your vanity. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again for the one-millionth time, this product is a godsend for anyone with color-treated and/or damaged hair. Apply it on damp hair as a pre-shampoo treatment, and it will quite literally re-mend and re-twine breakage and split ends. The Olaplex train is one I highly recommend literally anyone with hair jump on.