It's the Moment We've Been Waiting For—Glossier Just Launched 2 New Body Heroes

If we had to peg Glossier as a character in Greek mythology, we'd choose Midas. Ignoring all of the legendary king's negative aspects, we're strictly saying everything the brand touches, or should we say launches, turns our skin to gold (practically). Earlier this year, Glossier blessed our dry, scaling, constantly washed hands with the best hand cream of all time, and we could gush on and on about every exciting new item before that. Glossier newness just seems to get better and better. 


Courtesy of Glossier

Because Glossier always seems to know what our skin is craving and because the powers that be also, apparently, have the uncanny ability to read our product-imagining minds, today, the brand has blown us away by debuting two new additions to its cult-loved Body Hero collection. Born three years ago (time flies!), the OG Body Hero family features two beloved product staples: a cleansing oil–inspired bodywash and a dew-enhancing body cream. Both are dreamy and consistent best sellers, but we've been wanting more from the line ever since we got our hands on the initial launch. So what has Glossier come up with? Prepare yourself because it's blessed us with the bodycare hybrids of our dreams: a bubblegum pink Exfoliating Bar ($14)—aka what would happen if your favorite bar of soap and body scrub had a baby—andDry-Touch Oil Mist ($28)—aka the ultimate body-glossing antidote that will convert even the most rigid of body-oil skeptics. 


Courtesy of Glossier

But, Glossier being Glossier, it hasn't stopped there. The brand has always led the frontier when it comes to body positivity and acceptance (something the industry is still starved for), and alongside its two new Body Hero additions, the brand has launched a super-special campaign featuring eight amazing women from the WNBA—game-changing athletes who Glossier views as the peak embodiment of Body Hero. 

"We’ve found Body Heroes in a group of women who have used their voices and bodies to drive change in their sport and in the world: the women of the WNBA," states a press release from the brand. "They’re a community with a long history of championing equality and challenging the status quo, and watching them lead by example on and off the court in 2020 has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. We are honored to be partnering with the WNBA and eight of its game-changing players to bring Body Hero to life: 2020 WNBA Champion Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm, Seimone Augustus of the L.A. Sparks, Lexie Brown of the Minnesota Lynx, Kalani Brown of the Atlanta Dream, Amanda Zahui B. of the New York Liberty, Natalie Achonwa of the Indiana Fever, and Stefanie Dolson and Gabby Williams of the Chicago Sky."

There's a lot to celebrate, so without further ado, we're sharing everything you need to know about Glossier's new Body Hero products and providing you with a crème de la crème shopping list featuring all of our other favorite essentials from the brand. (Also, how handy is this all-encompassing collection of Body Heroes? We recommend snapping it up fast because we can sniff sellout days away.) Keep scrolling!

Meet the Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist

Why you'll love it: It's the perfect compromise—glossy and moisturizing enough to impress the most avid body-oil stan but lightweight and absorbant enough to convert body-oil pessimists. It smells just as expensive as it makes your skin look (blame it on the mouth-watering blend of orange blossom and neroli), and thanks to the handy spray mechanism, puddles of accident-inducing floor spills will be regulated to body oils past. The oil will sink into your skin the second it lands (it dries in seconds!) while still drenching parched limbs with stick-free hydration that lends a subtle yet illuminated glow all day long. 


Courtesy of Glossier/Choi Chun Leung

The key ingredients: Think antioxidants, lots and lots of antioxidants. Packed with the dreamiest of oils—sunflower-seed, grapeseed, and oat—this innovative mist also features a plot twist in the form of sea fennel extract. So you're not only getting the nourishing, soothing, and hydrating perks of the oils, but you're minimizing common issues like rough, bumpy skin texture and uneven tone as well. Then, orange neroli comes into play to lend that addictively zesty scent we mentioned earlier. (It smells like the rainforest-inspired body oils of our youth but all grown up.)


Courtesy of Glossier/Andrea Dalzell

How to use it: Choose how you spritz! Simply mist the oil onto dry or damp skin after you wash (bath or shower—pick your poison!), take a deep breath, and massage it gently into your skin until it's fully absorbed. The lightweight formula is potent enough to adequately hydrate dry skin on its own, but if you want an extra top-up (winter is imminent after all), finish it off with a layer of body cream. We recommend Glossier's Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream ($22), which you can shop below. 

Meet the Body Hero Exfoliating Bar

Why you'll love it: It's your favorite body scrub without the afterburn or mess. Adorable, pink, and the easy-to-wield size of your palm, Glossier's Body Hero Exfoliating Bar is a solid-form body scrub that lets you get down to business on rough skin and cell buildup without making a mess of your skin (bye, irritation) or the floor and walls of your bathtub or shower. Your skin will feel newborn baby–level soft, and the brand really outdid itself by creating a perfectly sized groove to the bar, so you can add a couple of pumps of Body Hero Daily Oil Wash ($18). (Keep reading—you can add it to your cart below!)

It's also much friendlier to the environment compared to its other cell-buffing counterparts on the market. The exterior packaging is recyclable, and the particles in the bar are biodegradable and won't clog your drain. 


Courtesy of Glossier/Andrea Dalzell

The key ingredients: So many exfoliating bars we've tried have left us drier than a lizard in the Sahara. Not this one! It's strategically balanced with bamboo powder—an effective but less aggressive way to banish buildup—and moisture-locking additions like sunflower-seed oil and aloe leaf juice, so your skin feels calm, cool, and collected post-scrub. Plus, it has a matching orange neroli scent, so you get the same sizzle as your Dry-Touch Oil Mist. 


Courtesy of Glossier/Giulia Marsico

How to use it: Make sure your skin is damp and then massage the bar from head to toe in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly (your skin will feel like velvet!) and then finish it off with your moisturizer of choice. (The Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist ($28) and/or Body Hero Perfecting Cream ($22) are our duh-yes recommendations.) To reap your silkiest results, the brand prescribes the above as a twice- or thrice-weekly ritual.

12 More Glossier Products We'd Add to Your Cart

The cult-loved oil cleanser that's just as luxurious as your favorite for your face!

Inspired by your go-to face cream, this lush body cream is full of antioxidants and even has teeny light-reflecting particles to impart a luminous (but subtle) glow. 

There have been a lot of hand cream launches this year, but this one (which smells similar to the brand's cult-loved Glossier You Eau de Parfum) is the one we keep by our bedsides and laptops.

Ask us why we smell so good, and our answer (almost every day) will be this award-winning blend of creamy musk, ambrette, green irisroot, and pink pepper.

Everyone's favorite multipurpose balm in a brand-new flavor and tint—Wild Fig. 

The best (oil-free) moisturizer for people who are oily or acne prone. 

The best moisturizer for those who have a relatively normal skin type or who have issues like redness or dullness.

The best, super-duper rich moisturizer for those who veer parched and seek lots of hydration. 

Meet the best mascara in the entire world if you seek extension-inspired length that looks genetic.

Boy Brow is the most iconic brow pomade of all time for a reason—it's amazing, and it just so happens to be Glossier's all-time best-selling product. 

We love a good multitasking skincare formula, and this Bubble Wrap–inspired cream keeps both our lips and under eyes topped up with silky, plump, wrinkle-banishing moisture. 

No Glossier shopping list could ever be complete without this brilliant serum-oil hybrid. The name doesn't lie. It gives your skin the perfect ratio of glowy hydration for a healthy-looking complexion. 

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