Trust Me—Sydney Sweeney's Skin Is Even Better IRL, and This Cult Brand Is Why

While everyone was digesting Sydney Sweeney's lash-sweeping new bangs and crystal-laden dress from Vanity Fair's Oscars 2022 after-party, I was getting ready to meet the actress up close and in person. Right after the party, Sweeney hopped on the red-eye and flew to New York City to announce her latest endeavor—a partnership with the beloved skincare brand Laneige

Laneige has given its cult-favorite Water Bank collection a face-lift with the addition of Blue Hyaluronic Acid. Blue Hyaluronic Acid molecules are up to 2000 times smaller than the hyaluronic acid molecules in the original formula, meaning that the rebrand is like a glass of water for your skin. Sweeney is working with the brand to help catapult the hydrating line to new heights. 


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I sat down with Sweeney in a serene, cotton candy–colored room in Chelsea to talk about all things beauty. We discuss her new partnership with Laneige, the beauty tricks she's learned from Euphoria, and more. You'd never know she just got off a red-eye flight and went straight to work—the star is fresh-faced and glowy, and I'm willing to bet Laneige has something to do with that. Keep reading for our candid conversation.


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Do you just want to start off by telling me about your partnership with Laneige and why you wanted to work with the brand?

So I have always been a huge advocate for water. I only drink water, and I have done so since I was little. And everything that I do is surrounding water. I grew up on a lake. I water-ski. I love the ocean. Just anything to do with it is where I feel like myself. So when I started using Laneige's skincare products and I started learning how it's so focused on water, we just organically combined ourselves together. The products actually work for my skin, which is amazing because I have such sensitive skin. And I do get nervous trying new things because I break out. I have cystic acne, [and] I have combination skin, so it's just a whole ordeal. When the products actually worked, it was just a perfect, perfect moment.


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I feel you. I have very dry, sensitive skin.

Yeah, it's so crazy. It's dry and then oily and then cystic.

Cystic acne is so hard to deal with. 

I know. Then I pick it, and that's just a whole other thing. I'm so grateful I don't have scars because my mom's like, "You're going to get them."

Oh, I'm the same way. People say not to, and I know you're not supposed to.

You're not supposed to, but I can't help it! It's so hard. 

It's not one of those things you can help. What is your favorite Laneige product, and why do you like it?

Ooh, I have two I can't decide between. So I love the Water Bank Cream Moisturizer just because my skin always wakes up nourished. I put it on morning and night, and it's amazing to have a cream moisturizer that you can use morning and night. And then the Lip Sleeping Mask.

Oh, of course.

Yeah [laughs]. It's iconic. 

Can you walk me through your skincare routine?

Okay. I have to put myself in front of my sink. No matter if I have makeup on or not, I always wash my face, and I'll use the Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser from Laneige. It's incredible. Then if it's nighttime, I will use the Blue Hyaluronic Serum, and then I use this SolaWave wand. It's like a red-light therapy that vibrates. I don't know what it does, but I like it. It feels good, and that's like my moment to myself. And then I will put the Water Bank Cream Moisturizer on, and if I have pimples or anything, I'll use Epiduo. It's prescribed to me. That's about it. And then the Lip Sleeping Mask. Cannot forget the Lip Sleeping Mask.

Definitely. If you could tell your younger self any piece of advice about skincare, what would you tell her?

Probably not to pick. Don't pick—as hard as it is. I would pick my pimples, and then I would try and cover it with tons of makeup. It would just make it way worse. That doesn't solve anything. That didn't work. So don't touch it. Don't put makeup on it. Let it live. It'll go away. 

Do you have any makeup products that you can't live without?

Yes, I have the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and their concealer and their liquid blush [laughs]. So basically, all the Armani makeup. It's just so beautiful on the skin. 

I agree. Okay, our readers are very obsessed with Euphoria, and I was wondering if there are any makeup tips that you've picked up from being on set or just beauty tips in general.

It's beautiful to let your actual skin show through. You don't need to pile on a bunch of makeup. It's really pretty to be able to see the actual texture of your skin and your freckles or colorization on your own face. 

And eye drops. My eyes get red really easily, and I started using these blue eye drops. I don't know what they are, but it's literally blue, and it makes my eyes so white. It's amazing. I actually can't see very well, and I'm terrified of contacts [laughs], and I don't wear my glasses. So I have really bad red eyes because they're constantly strained. I can't see far away. It's not the most beautiful thing, so eye drops. I learned [about] some cool eye drops. 

I feel like they do a really good job of skin on set. You guys always have very fresh faces. Are you a fragrance person?

I am. 

What are your favorites? 

Armani's My Way. It's this floral, amazing perfume. I searched for a very long time to try and find a good perfume, and I felt like a lot smelled like old ladies, like my grandma. And then I started using this, and I loved it. And I literally bathe myself in it. I'm like one of those people. You walk in the room, and you're like, "Ugh, who put on all that perfume?"

I am the same way, so I totally understand. I'm drenching myself in perfume before I leave. Do you have any overall beauty advice that has been taught to you that just makes you feel more confident about yourself?

What's on the inside is actually what counts and what matters.

Shop the rest of the new Laneige drop:

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