6 French Style Tips You Definitely Haven't Heard Before

Have you ever met someone who makes absolutely everything they do look completely effortless? That is exactly how I felt the moment I met Victoria Vergara, professional surfer and Reef brand ambassador. While on a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, with the well-known surf brand, Reef, I had the pleasure of not only getting to gawk over the insane talent this woman possesses in the water, but also got to admire her warm personality, kind heart, and, of course, insanely stylish wardrobe. Born in Hossegor, France, Vergara's parents later moved their family to Réunion Island when she was 14. It was there that she developed her love of surfing and turned it into a career. 

A part of her job description is not only surfing but also tons of traveling. Because she lives out of a suitcase for months at a time, it should come as no surprise that she is an expert packer, somehow managing to pack practically while always looking insanely stylish. Throughout our five-day journey together, I was lucky enough to pick her brain on everything from her hometown to her surf background to her style hacks. While I wish I could share all of the above with you, today, we are focusing on Vergara's unique perspective on how to remain stylish amidst a hectic lifestyle. 

Ahead, read all about professional surfer Victoria Vergara's style tips and shop a few of her favorite Reef items. 

Tip #1: Wear Jewelry You Don't Have to Take Off

On Victoria Vergara: Reef Latigo Fixed Triangle Bikini Top ($39). 

Victoria was never without her delicately layered shark tooth necklace and matching chain. Whether it was while surfing, exercising, or at dinner, she proved that the simple addition of subtle jewelry could elevate everything from a swimsuit to a cocktail dress. 

Tip #2: Pack Reversible Swimwear

On Victoria Vergara: Reef Mod Wave Reversible One Piece ($77). 

Each morning while on this trip, we met in the lobby to gather before the day's festivities. After a few days, I had no choice but to comment on her wide assortment of bathing suits as she would not only have on a new one each morning but would also change throughout the day after surfing. It was then that she informed me that most of her swimsuits are reversible. This way, she gets two suits sans the stolen room in her suitcase. (Which is important since she travels a ton.) 

Tip #3: Bring Versatile Accessories

On Victoria Vergara: Reef Teal Core Solids Thong Bikini Bottom ($39) and Downtown Truss Sandals ($30). 

In true surfer girl fashion, Victoria always had the most picturesque piece to throw on after a day spent in the ocean. My personal favorite among the slew was an oversize cotton scarf that she was able to use as a sarong or a scarf, or simply throw around her shoulders to protect from the sun. 

Tip #4: Wear Sneakers Everywhere

On Victoria Vergara: Reef Rover Low ($70). 

Victoria always had a pair of her Reef Rover sneakers packed away in her bag no matter where we were going. When your job description is as active as hers, you never know what the day or the climate might throw at you. As the true French style icon that she is, I found myself consistently in awe of the many ways she made her favorite sneakers look totally chic. 

Tip #5: Transform Your One-Piece Into a Bodysuit

On Victoria Vergara: Reef Mod Wave Reversible One Piece ($77); Levi's jeans. 

With not a lot to work with in an average-sized suitcase post-return from France, she was forced to make due with the contents of her suitcase. At a BBQ we attended with the whole Reef surf team, she showed up in this adorable outfit that you know I inquired about. Again, to my surprise, she informed me of yet another style tip—wearing your bathing suit as a bodysuit. As you can see here, you can barely tell the difference. 

Shop one-pieces you can wear as a bodysuit:

Tip #6: Protect Yourself With Long-Sleeved Swimwear

On Victoria Vergara: Reef Mod Wave Long Sleeve Surf Suit ($79). 

While we are sure that absolutely anything would look good on Victoria's tan, lean body, this long-sleeved Reef swimsuit was particularly special. Not only did it protect her from the sun, but it also proved to be a talking piece for the duration of the trip. It kept her warm in the water while swimming with sharks (pause for dramatic effect), elongated her limbs with the high-cut legs, and blocked off those pesky UV rays. 

Do you have any go-to style tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below! 

This press trip was paid for by Reef. Editors' opinions are their own.