I Gave Myself a French-Girl Makeover—See the Pics

I’m enamored with French-girl style. It’s been written about on the internet countless times. There are many articles that I’ve contributed, from where Parisians get their inspiration to the coolest French brands and more. I’m heavily influenced by the fashion choices of French women, which I trace back to my time living in Paris when I would walk down the streets of the Marais and Saint Germain, utterly fascinated by their outfits. And really, it’s the simplicity of them more than anything else. They have a knack for choosing timeless pieces but style them in a way that always feels cool.

Now that I follow a number of French girls on Instagram, I’m constantly reminded of their flawless looks, and it’s inspired me to incorporate some of their wardrobe essentials into my own closet to inch my way closer to Parisian style. So I decided to take some of their fashion teachings and apply them to my own outfits for a French-style makeover. Ahead, see how I did.