3 French Girl–Approved Trends That Will Sell Out in 2019

Jeanne Damas recently launched the first pop-up for her brand Rouje in L.A. Located in Culver City at Platform, where many buzzy of-the-moment brands are setting up shop, she’s bringing French girl style overseas and making it more accessible for those of us who weren’t born into it. When asked about her decision to locate her first pop-up stateside in L.A., Damas told me it was an easy decision. “Los Angeles seemed like the perfect location to open our spring pop-up,” she explained, “L.A. also offers everything that Paris doesn’t: large spaces, the sun, and the sea.”

With the clear differences between French and American style, then, how can the Francophiles among us attempt to channel Parisian style once and for all? Damas spells it out. “French women are not perfect, which is something we embrace,” she says, “I think that mentality is reflected in our style. French girls are effortless and natural.” But that might not be so easy for those of us who weren’t brought up French, so I pressed Damas more on specific ways we can tap into Parisian style this summer. Ahead, she’s highlighting the three major trends she will personally be embracing once summer hits this year.

Leopard Print

"Leopard print everywhere! This trend is perfect for me this year."


"I’m going to wear a lot of flat shoes this season like espadrilles."

Bright Colors

"Bright colors like mauve, pink, and mint because colors bring joy to your day. That’s why we incorporated so much color in the Rouje spring/summer collection. It was a risk, but I think people liked it."