The Party Trends French Girls Are Saying "Non" To

These days it can feel as if everyone is wearing a version of the same thing, thanks in part to how accessible outfit sharing has become on Instagram. But there's a reason we always come back to our French friends time and again, and it's because they're known for having a distinct taste and style that set them apart from the pack. In fact, we've already highlighted specific pieces that feel quintessentially Parisian, like suede boots and ballet flats.

Since the French tend to be more selective with the trends they allow into their wardrobes than most of us are, there is naturally a certain set of styles to which they say non, merci. It should be noted that although they'll be skipping the following party trends, that doesn't mean anything about what you choose to wear. These nuances were just too interesting to pass on sharing with you here. With that in mind, we've uncovered what French holiday style will and won't look like this year, based on the trends they're saying non and oui to.

Non: too-short hemlines

Oui: sequins and crystals

holiday party trends from French women



"I have to admit I am actually a big fan of party trends and embrace everything involving sparkles, crystals, velvet, and the like. I am very much into sequins this season. I love Ganni sequins pieces. I've already started wearing this one daytime with a sleek knit piece or white tee, and in the evening with a leather top." — Géraldine Boublil

Non: kitschy sweaters and socks

Oui: everything '80s

"The party trend I will definitely not wearing this season is the 'funny' sweater or socks special Christmas. This is my Parisian limit. The holiday party is the best occasion for me to satisfy my desire to create a kind of '80s Parisian style. I mean a bit overdressed but fun and chic." — Chloé Harrouche

French-girl holiday party outfits



"I don't want to be simple this year. I want to make it 'extra' with all those disco trends—anything but being low-key. I think it's all about looking chic and fabulous but comfortable to dance and party as you should! I will probably go very '80s and wear feathers—I'm really into them right now; it makes you feel like you come from another time, and there's nothing as elegant as that." — Fiona Zanetti

Non: shiny gold or silver fabrics

Oui: luxury fabrics like velvet, silk, or organza

best holiday party trends from French women



"I won't wear strass, gold, or silver. It's too obvious, and I prefer to keep it simple. I will wear luxury fabrics like velvet or silk, or play with transparent details." — Anne-Victoire Lefevre

Non: real fur

Oui: anything from Jacquemus

the holiday party trends French women won't wear



"I won't be wearing any real furs. I'm sorry to see that many designers still create real furs while in 2018 it is possible to create beautiful faux fur. This party season, I'll for sure be wearing some amazing pieces by Jacquemus. They're always so sexy in an elegant way. I especially their adore two-piece suits for women, a beautiful and timeless basic." — Leia Sfez

Non: animal print

Oui: glitters and sequins

holiday party trends French women are into



"I won't wear any animal print for parties. I wear it almost every day, and I think it has become a casual trend. Instead, I will wear glitter and paillettes for the festivities, as I do every year. This is the only moment I wear a sequin jumpsuit, for example, and glittery makeup." — Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui