Confirmed: French Girls Love the Underwear You Hate

The appeal of French-girl style is undeniable. But while we often talk about the jeans, jackets, and bags French women love to wear, we don't spend much time talking about what they wear underneath their inspiring outfits. So when we had the chance to talk to Victoria's Secret model and French cool girl Camille Rowe, we were intrigued to know what French women think about their underpinnings.

"We're really into big cotton panties," Rowe revealed, going on to note that she's been wearing the same underwear since she was a child. In the U.S., it's only the last few years that we've seen a resurgence of "granny" panties (a term we acknowledge is a little odd) as a fashion-forward underwear choice. Inspired by Rowe's revelation, we did a little research to find full-coverage underwear you'll feel amazing wearing. Read on to shop our picks.


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"I mean, myself included—and most of my French girlfriends—we're really into a big, cotton panties."

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