And Now, It's Even Easier to Dress Like a French Girl

There is just something about French girls and the way they dress. Perhaps it’s their unwavering sense of style. Or the way they can make simple basics look cool. Their understated confidence. Whatever it comes down to, we often talk about French-girl style and how to tap into it. So when we heard that French blogger Anne-Laure Mais of Adenorah designed a collection with Leon and Harper, we were intrigued. To find out more about the pieces she designed, we chatted with Mais. Launching on July 10, the capsule includes four silhouettes—a top, jumpsuit, and two dresses—all priced under $200. And each piece looks like it was plucked straight from the closet of a cool French girl.

Go on to read our interview with Anne-Laure Mais on her upcoming collaboration and see photos from the lookbook shot in Provence.

WHO WHAT WEAR: Tell us about the capsule collection you designed.

ANNE-LAURE MAIS: It’s all the pieces I want to wear during summer. A wearable collection for every kind of summer situation (beach, date, wedding, shopping…).

WWW: What motivated you to design the collection?

ALM: It’s my second capsule collection after the one I designed with a French shoe designer last year. It was a revelation. That’s really what I want to do in the future and hope to launch my own brand really soon.

WWW: Describe the girl you're designing for.

ALM: It's for a confident girl who likes to wear comfortable clothes but who always want to feel sexy and feminine in it.

WWW: What inspired the collection?

ALM: I’ve always been interested in vintage fashion, so obviously I have been inspired by the Nouvelle Vague actresses. I really love to do vintage shopping as well and get inspired by old prints and shapes.

WWW: Tell us about the lookbook shoot. Where did you photograph it, and what was your experience art directing it?

ALM: We shot in Le Luberon (southeast France). We wanted to build a “summer day” between two friends, going to the market, exploring the city, picking some flowers… something really natural. I worked with my friend photographer Morgane Lay—she is really talented and she completely knows what I like.

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