9 Items That Make Basic Leggings Look Extremely 2023

We all run out of the house in leggings to buy a carton of milk at the deli or head to a Pilates class. It's not been since the peak of the athleisure era in the early 2010s that basic leggings were deemed a trendy item to wear, and these days, they pretty much reside in the margins of our wardrobes as useful fixtures but not necessarily the most exciting ones.

All that is to say I wouldn't be surprised if you were finding yourself in a rut when deciding what to wear alongside your plain leggings. Naturally, I have a few ideas in mind. Yep, making your staple leggings feel up-to-date and—dare I say—cool in 2023 comes down to styling them with a few key items. Simple choices like picking the right coat or pair of shoes can make a world of difference. Just see for yourself. Ahead, I'm sharing nine items that solve the mystery of how to wear leggings in 2023.

1. Uggs

What better way to bring plain leggings into the present day than with the cozy shoes that are flying off the shelves right now? Yes, I'm talking about Ugg boots, and with leggings, they just might make for the ultimate off-duty combo.

2. Long Duster Coats

how to style leggings 2023



Nothing adds polish to the leggings quite like a long wool coat. Trust me—even tossed-on and effortless outfits are transformed underneath one of these cozy toppers.

3. Minimalistic Crew-Necks



Sweatshirts and leggings are hardly news to anyone, but there's something about a crew-neck that lends a vintage, Princess Diana-inspired feel.

4. Leather Bomber Jackets



According to recent celebrity legging outfits, leather jackets are *the* item to style them with, and it doesn't take a trained eye to see how easily they add that cool factor to just about any style of leggings.

5. Performance-Inspired Sneakers

Since you're probably reaching for sneakers anyways, make them a performance style with a thicker sole like the New Balance 2002R or Asics Gel-Kayano. It's what a fashion person would do.

6. Baseball Hats



I have a theory: If you take any outfit—even a random one—and throw a baseball hat on top, it suddenly gives "model off duty." Legging outfits are the best example of this simple styling trick, and baseball hats give them just a hint of trendiness without trying too hard.

7. Scrunched Socks



Who knew socks, of all things, would become so on-trend? Lo and behold, crew socks that intentionally slouch down around the ankle are what can stand between a regular legging outfit and a cool one.

8. "Bucket" Boots

Styling leggings tends to be trickier in non-athletic outfits, but one shoe style that's easy to pair them with is bucket boots. I'd suggest going for a pair with a roomier fit so that the leggings will tuck in easily.

9. Racerback Tanks



In warm weather or when layering, make racerback tanks your new go-to top style with leggings. This neckline, as opposed to a scoop-neck, adds a hint of sportiness that feels just right.