Confirmed: French Girls Only Care About These 5 Sneaker Trends

Regardless of your stance on the years-long obsession with French-girl style, you have to admit that they always have plenty of easy outfit ideas up their chic sleeves. In opposition to the stereotypes in which French women only wear ballet flats and espadrilles, many of these outfits often involve sneakers.

We've published dozens of stories about French-girl outfits over the years, so you probably know the drill there, but perhaps you're curious about their sneaker-buying habits since they've become such a staple shoe style in their wardrobes. Accordingly, we scrolled through hundreds of cool-girl outfits and saw a common theme of five sneaker trends on the streets of Paris and beyond. As expected, most of them veer classic, but there are a few trendy surprises in the mix, and most are relatively affordable, which is always a plus.

Keep scrolling to see how the French style their favorite sneakers and shop them for yourself.

1. Back to the Classics

Before we dive into a few more of-the-moment options, it's important to note that French girls usually like to stick to the classics. Think Converse, Vans, and Keds—aka the sneakers that never go out of style. 



To spice any simple outfit up, retro-inspired sneakers are an ideal choice. Whether you opt for a bold hue or small touches of color, it'll add a fun touch to your look regardless.

3. Sporty Spice

I scrolled through many French-girl Instagram accounts, and every single one had an outfit featuring Adidas on their page. Gazelles and Sambas may have started out as soccer shoes, but now they've officially earned the fashion stamp of approval. 

4. Crisp and Clean



When in doubt, keep things as simple as can be. A white sneaker may seem like a boring choice, but it's a must-have in your shoe rotation, especially if you're trying to emulate the classic French-girl look.



Dad sneakers are no longer something to make fun of. In fact, they exude a cool factor that only others in the know will understand.