Two New Things We Learned From French Girls for Spring

Let’s face it: Whether you want to scream at me for saying this or you want to run over and hug me, I don’t think it’s a long shot to say that L.A.-girl style and French-girl style mirror each other. Skinny jeans? We’re both huge fans. T-shirts styled with delicate gold jewelry and a jacket graced over your shoulder? Consider it a staple! So it comes as no surprise that L.A. fashion girl (who has a knack for picking up French-girl style) Michelle Madsen of Take Aim took pieces from her go-to L.A. brand, PAIGE, over to Paris while she was in the city for fashion week.

She does think that there’s one difference between L.A. and Parisian style, and it has to do with simplicity. “Girls in Paris typically are simpler in their style and generally seem to value quality over quantity. Some trends in L.A. can be fast-moving—here one day and out of style so quickly. French style is more classic and timeless,” she mentioned. Because we’re also always down to learn a thing or two from French girls, especially when we’re on the heels of a brand-new season, we asked the fashion girl to see what she deems as the perfect Parisian outfits. See her picks here.