Here's How Parisians Pull Off NYC-Girl Style

When she’s not working as a journalist and social influencer, It girl Sabina Socol also shares her fashion expertise in our French Girl column. Come back each month for her perspective on Parisian style.

Sabina Socol French style

As New York Fashion Week is coming very, very fast, I’ve had to start thinking about packing in advance. Something I never used to do, but hey, when duty calls… Today I’m going to give you a little insight about how I’ll be pulling off Parisian style in NYC very, very soon. Here are four rules I gathered while packing for my upcoming trip to New York.

Rule #1: Keep It Parisian

I know it’s hard not to give in to the temptation of wearing a full head-to-toe designer look to the show. This is a subject that has had me torn a few times. On one hand, I think fashion week is the perfect time to be playful with your style and dress up. But on the other hand, I like to stay true to myself, style-wise. So, will I wear borrowed designer clothes to the shows this season? Of course I will. But I’ll also include more casual, day-to-day looks. Flared jeans, crisp shirts, and sunglasses will be a part of that mix. Very Emmanuelle Alt–ish. You’ve gotta keep it Parisian!

Rule #2: But Don’t Forget a Few Over-the-Top Pieces

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve read my previous pieces, I tend to be drawn to pieces that are very girly, or sometimes even a little weird (according to my friends, anyway). After reflecting a little bit on this, I think it’s because I’m trying to please my inner teenager, but more on that later. Every time I’m tempted to buy something I know is iconic but will be worn once in my life, I realize that fashion week might be the perfect excuse for me to wear the piece. I mean, who’s going to shoot a funny look at my flame skirt? No one.

Rule #3: Add Vintage Picks

Sometimes, and in all modesty, I like to think of myself as a fashion visionary. I mean, did I not predict the return of “tacky chic” ’00s bags last winter? All jokes aside, I believe vintage is the best way to stand out. Not only during fashion week, but at all time (no need to rewrite the vintage story here—you get me). I recently got my hands on a beaded Fendi baguette and a pink nylon Prada bag. And because I’m nice, here are some links to other cute finds you might love if you’re into the vintage tacky chic trend!

Rule #4: Ignore the Weather Report

This is not my rule; this is a fashion rule. It’s incredibly hot in September in New York, and brands have a lot of fall Items they want you to wear at their shows. That’s just the way it is. Also, I’m kind of done with flowy dresses as soon as I set foot back to my place after the summer holidays, so I like to start digging into my fall wardrobe. You’ll probably see me strolling the streets in short denim shorts and puffy sweaters.

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