The 2017 Necklace Trends French Girls Have Been Wearing for Years

Recently, we've found ourselves so distracted by fall's biggest boot trends, the coolest new handbags, and those plaid blazers you can hardly get your hands on anymore (sigh) that we tend to forget the little things in fashion, like necklaces. This year has brought attention to a handful of necklace trends that aren't necessarily anything new, but thanks to the French girls ahead, are the only jewelry items It girls have been trying to get their hands on.

We've tapped a handful of the most stylish French girls in the industry to see which 2017 necklace trends they love most. Unsurprisingly, each style they highlighted is more gorgeous (and practical) than the next. Whether it's a meaningful pendant or an antique cameo, the jewelry items ahead are ones you'll want to get your hands on.

Go on to find out which 2017 necklace trends French girls have been wearing for years.