I Live in Paris, Own a Fashion Company, and Will Be Trying These Items in 2021

Franny is one of our go-to sources for effortless style inspiration. After all, she lives in Paris and has expertly mastered that je ne sais quoi with the ability to mix and match basics with trend-driven items to create well-balanced ensembles. Her personal style is particularly intriguing because, as she told us, she likes to create looks with pieces found online, thrift stores, and at flea markets. “I like to mix vintage clothes with pieces from young designers and also mix them with pieces from major brands,” she said. She actually turned her love for vintage into a business with the recent launch of Yomokoï. It’s a vintage shop (currently on Instagram with a website to launch next year) where she sources unique pieces for her followers. “I offer pieces that are authentic, chic, and timeless that anyone can wear,” Franny said.

Given her unique fashion point of view, we thought there could be interest in learning about some of the key pieces she’s into right now and is excited to try or continue wearing next year as well. The items in question are all highly versatile and easy to style. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the four main items Monzemba is all about. You’ll also uncover visual references and inspired shopping picks as well in case you’re interested in adding any of said items into your wardrobe.

Pleated Skirts

“I’m a fan of pleated skirts. For me, it’s like wearing jeans. I must have about 30 in my messy closet. Moreover, for the year 2021, I will continue to wear them. As you can see in this photo, I’m wearing a vintage pleated skirt with a textured blouse, plus a satin collar from designer Rosamen Bado. Her pieces are just exceptionally chic, timeless, and above all, made in France (more precisely in Paris).”— Franny


“I will continue to go for stylish basics like the modern blazer.”

Embellished Separates

“Twenty-twenty has been particularly difficult, and we have brought pajamas up to date more than ever because of the pandemic. So for 2021, putting a little more color, glitter, rhinestones, and sequins into our wardrobes will do us a lot of good. I recommend keeping your style and adding a little. In this photo, I’m wearing a vintage sequined blouse and wide-leg pants from Rosamen Bado. Pants that are likely to be emulated in 2021.”

Trench Coats

“I will continue wearing basics like trench coats and adapt them to the trends that will come.”

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