This Is What a French Girl Wears for Date Night

When she’s not working as a journalist and social influencer, It girl Sabina Socol also shares her fashion expertise in our French Girl column. Come back each month for her perspective on Parisian style.

Photo: Sabina Socol

When it comes to dating, and especially first dates, I’ve been asking myself the following question: What are the sartorial dos and don’ts, as seen by us French women? Before I get to the heart of the matter and throw you some thoughtfully curated outfit examples, let me just do a little disclaimer: “Dating” isn’t really a thing in France. This is something I’ve come to realize pretty recently while discussing the subject with my American girlfriends during NYFW. That said, as a French woman, I obviously love to dress up on occasion, especially if I want to catch the eye of someone special. So with no further ado, here are some looks to get you inspired for that perfect date.