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Growing up, I always felt jealous of anyone with freckles. (I thought of freckles like constellations, each person's unique and beautiful in their own way.) Two such people are Larsen Thompson and Joyjah Estrada, talented models who wear their freckles proudly and with a whole lot of style. However, it wasn't always the case for these two, and in their respective journeys to embracing their freckles, they've figured out what makeup works for them, particularly when it comes to foundation. Depending on the amount of coverage your foundation offers, it can play up your natural features, camouflage them, or completely hide them. Below, Thompson and Estrada share their past challenges, advice, and holy-grail products that show off their fabulous freckled skin.

Read on if you love your freckles (or just can't help but appreciate them like I do).


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Thompson shares that growing up, she felt insecure about her freckles. "It wasn't until I started modeling that I realized the very things I didn't like about myself were the very things that were embraced and seen as unique," she muses. "This allowed me to redefine my self-image of beauty, giving me more confidence in my own skin." Her experiences with talented makeup artists who used a variety of products on her skin give her many opportunities to explore different brands that worked for her, ultimately shifting her perspective of beauty to one of acceptance.

"I was the only one in my entire school that had freckles. I never hated them or saw myself as not beautiful but there was a point when I wish I didn’t have them, probably to fit in," shares Estrada. Her journey to self-acceptance reached its peak in 2013 when she first began to explore the popular full-coverage makeup trends of the time (more specifically, when her modeling jobs included makeup artists covering her freckles).


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"I felt the least confident whenever my freckles were covered. So I watched YouTube videos to learn techniques and began to experiment. Eventually I came up with my own concoction that worked for me," says Estrada. After learning how to thin foundations with moisturizers or sunscreen, she discovered the expansive world of tinted moisturizers.

Thompson's best advice for discovering products and makeup looks that show off freckled skin? Less is more. "I realized most of the time I was wearing foundation to cover up my freckles, but now I see it as a way to complement them," Thompson shares. "Let your true beauty shine through and use makeup as a way to bring out your individual uniqueness."

Estrada echoes Thompson's sentiment while also offering similar words of advice. "Embrace your freckles! Light to medium coverage still will allow your skin to look like skin," says Estrada. "If you feel like a foundation has too much coverage, then mix some moisturizer or sunscreen. Less is always more." If you're looking to embrace your unique beauty, identify the products and practices that will work with (and not against) your unique features. Both Thompson and Estrada even took the time to identify the foundations that have worked best for them.

Larsen Thompson's Favorites

"In my day-to-day makeup routine, I love going with a tint like the SuperGoop Glowscreen or the Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint that gives a natural, sheer, glowy look to the skin." — Thompson

"For a more glammed-up look, I love going with the Armani Beauty Luminous Silk foundation that gives the right amount of coverage while still highlighting my freckles." — Thompson

Joyjah Estrada's Favorites

"MAC Studio Radiance face and body foundation is a holy grail of mine. It has sheer coverage that cancels my redness or blemishes. It's perfect for hotter days or quick makeup looks." — Estrada

"When I do my more glammed makeup, I love using Valentino Very Foundation. It has a matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours!" — Estrada

"Armani Luminous Silk is another favorite that has light to buildable coverage and gives off a glowy, skin-like finish for both natural and glam makeup looks." — Estrada


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