Forever 21, We Love Your New Stuff

Forever 21: the safe haven for all that is on trend and affordable. What more could a girl ask for in this world? Perhaps a one-stop shop where the newest pieces from this retailer are presented to you in a cohesive, pretty package? Yes, that would be nice too. And that is exactly what we are here to bring you today—the best of Forever 21’s new arrivals.

This week, indulge in the retailer’s assortment of closet basics, flirty blouses, and some architectural drop earrings that look way expensive. These pieces are proof that you can in fact dress like a millionaire without spending like one, and who doesn’t want that? As long as you are aware of the right colors, fabrics, and trends to buy at these more affordable fast-fashion stores, no one would ever know you didn’t get them at designer prices.

Keep reading to shop our favorite new Forever 21 pieces from this week!

This half-tuck styling trick makes any ordinary oxford shirt look cool.

When was the last time you saw a denim jacket this cute and this affordable? 

If you aren’t so into the crazy colored workout leggings, these are the ones for you. 

Imagine this paired with vintage high-rise denim.

Add a little something extra to your everyday striped tee. 

These architectural earrings would look great paired with an off-the-shoulder top. 

The number of ways you can style this T-shirt dress is endless. 

This trendy layering trick was turned into one solid dress. 

Did you know that flirty blouses are a Parisian closet basic? 

The neckline on this crop top is way flattering.

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Opening Image: @forever21

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