The Truth About Wearing Chunky Heels for Less Foot Pain


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If you've ever spent a night wobbling around in a pair of high heels that caused major cramping, you're not alone—we've been there too. Whether it be from walking, standing, or even just sliding them on, it can often seem like high heels are an ongoing source of pain and misery

But, not all heels are created equal, and as chunkier heel styles have risen in popularity, we've begun to wonder what are the best type of heels to wear? While our team suspected that a block heel is superior to a stiletto, we needed experts to weigh in once and for all. Are chunkier heels actually better for your health?

We talked to DPM and footwear designer Dr. Joan Oloff along with Dr. Jackie Sutera, a podiatrist and  Vionic innovation lab member. Together they broke down the science behind painful heels and offered tips for surviving a night in a painful pair. 

Read on for a look at how they broke it all down below, then shop heels that won't kill your feet!