The Secret to Wearing High Heels Without Any Pain

Despite the reigning popularity of sneakers and flats, high heels will always be around. And on occasions that do call for heels, you might as well maximize the comfort level in any way that you can. So if you’ve ever hobbled home after a long day or night in heels, this tip for how to make heels more comfortable is for you: Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together—we recommend nude medical tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch—to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot. Sound crazy? Here’s the reasoning: There’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put on it (aka when you wear heels). The tape removes strain on the nerve, allowing you to dance the night away.

So go ahead and pick up a roll of tape (at $3, why not?), then scroll down to shop heels you can now wear pain-free.

Now that you know how to wear heels without the pain, your shoe options are limitless.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated by Allyson Payer.