Florence Pugh Wore the Opposite of Travel Shoes to the Train Station in Paris

Florence Pugh appears to have a favorite category of shoes right now, and it's Valentino's towering platforms. She's not alone in this, as the brand's Tan-Go heels have been very popular among celebrities since their release. Pugh has worn some sort of Valentino platform shoes to nearly every red carpet event that she's attended recently, and now she's wearing them to a less expected place: the train station. 

The shoes, which add nearly five inches of height, may look amazing and cool, but they're not exactly a practical choice for a travel day. Pugh's outfit for a train trip out of Paris consisted of an oversize leather jacket, white tank top, baggy trousers, and yes, the massively high Valentino platforms. 

There's no denying that Pugh's outfit is great for travel. The shoes, not so much. I personally can't fathom wearing platform shoes for a travel day, but Pugh has shown that she's game to wear controversial items to the airport, so why not the train station?

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