The One Winter Coat Fashion People Regularly Wear to Look Wealthy


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Although we yearn for spring to come faster (albeit for warmer temperatures or the chance to switch up our wardrobes), the harsh truth is that we're still in the midst of winter. Sure, we can try to be in denial by putting off pulling our puffer coats, thermal layers, and snow boots out of storage, but eventually, we have to face it. When that moment comes, it can be hard to succumb to the idea that your sartorial choices must be based more on function than fashion. But what if I told you you didn't have to choose between the two? There's a way to look chic and avoid being cold: faux-fur coats. 

We know what you're thinking. "Faux fur coats? Groundbreaking." In all fairness, this type of outerwear has been around for a long time. Yes, we've seen this coat trend surge in popularity in the last few weeks for a few reasons, most obviously, the need for warmer outerwear as several cold fronts have swept across the northern hemisphere. But the most significant element at play has been social media, which has proliferated the cultural obsession with looking, well, wealthy. You can't scroll through TikTok, Instagram, or even our site without seeing mentions of the "quiet luxury," "mob wife," or "old money" fashion aesthetics. (They have a grip on the zeitgeist, okay?!) It's within this context that we've seen more of the fashion set reincorporate this coat style back into their winter wardrobes. 

While one might think it's "cliché" to incorporate a coat into your closet again just because it's cool on social media, there's something to be said about the continued allure of this style. It's not just that faux-fur coats feel current—they also have an air of timelessness that no other coat style can compete with. Therefore, there one of the best items one can turn to when they want to look chic during a cold front. But if you find you're still not sold why you should adopt this coat, you'll want to keep reading.

Ahead, we're sharing outfits from stylish people in New York, Copenhagen, and Paris to showcase how to style fuzzy coats. Plus, we've rounded up the 22 best faux-fur coats at every price point should you be inspired to partake in the trend for yourself. Trust us when we say this one coat will solve any winter woes almost as well as warmer weather (or money) can. 


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Style Notes: Lean into the drama of this outerwear by styling it with sheer tights, pointed pumps, and a stretchy headband. 


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Style Notes: When it comes to styling faux-fur coats, keep your accessories minimal so as to not distract from the focal point of the look. Try opting for a stretchy headband, big earrings, and minimal shades. 


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Style Notes: No other outerwear can make non-winter items actually work for the weather like a faux-fur coat. Whether you're trying to wear a mini dress or maxi skirt, styling it with this coat will ensure you don't freeze. 


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Style Notes: Don't be afraid to mix neutrals with your winter outfits (see above for reference), as it will make your faux-fur coat pop even more. 


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Style Notes: If you prefer to dial up how bougie this coat feels, try pairing it with winter staples in other luxurious colors. For example, the look above makes a chocolate brown faux-fur coat feel all the more decadent by pairing it with wine-red separates. 


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Style Notes: Let's be honest, faux-fur coats are a statement piece, okay? Rather than playing the piece down, opt for a darling animal print version. You can always make it more approachable by pairing it with a sweater, jeans, and ankle boots.


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Style Notes: Do you consider yourself more of a minimalist? Well, then you'll want to buy faux fur that feels vintage-inspired—aka look for one in a neutral hue and longer length. Doing so will ensure that it's easy to wear with your everyday staples. 


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Style Notes: Another way you can lean into the vintage feel of this coat without shopping for actual fur is by looking for a coat with fuzzy trim. The style is reminiscent of outerwear from different eras, and makes the style easier to incorporate into your wardrobe. 


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Style Notes: One of the best things about this outwear is that it does not need to be paired with other "fancy" things in order for you to feel bougie. You can throw it on top of a sweatshirt, leggings, and sneakers with oversized earrings, and you'll feel like you're a wealthy grandmother. 


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Style Notes: Any fashion historian will tell you that leopard-print faux-fur coats have always been the epitome of "old money" energy. The key to ensuring they look elegant rather than extra is keeping your styling minimal. 


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Style Notes: One way to make this coat trend even cooler is by opting for an iteration made from leather and faux-fur trim. It will surely become the piece to turn to time and time again when you want to look chic in a time crunch. 

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