The Cozy Accessory Trend We're Seeing Everywhere This Winter


Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

The word "cozy" is arguably one of the most overused adjectives this time of year, but we challenge you to come up with something that better describes how we all want to feel when faced with winter weather. Sartorially speaking, cozy doesn't just have to apply to sweaters and coats. A whimsical trend that's everywhere this season is as cozy as it gets: faux-fur accessories.

Fashion girls can't seem to get enough furry bags, scarves, hats, and even earrings, so we searched the internet high and low for the best pieces to help fill your faux-fur quota for the season. And not to worry—not all of your faux-fur accessories have to be put into storage once spring arrives. We came across plenty of sandals and bags that can be worn post–cozy season. All you have to do is grab your credit card and decide which piece(s) to add to your wardrobe.