I Just Moved—These 24 Home Items Will Make My House Look More Fashionable

I Just Moved, and Think These 25 Home Items Will Make My House Look More Fashion


@bobbyschuessler. Gucci: The Making Of Book ($100); Preston Konrad Candle ($48)

My husband and I just moved into a new condo. While it's all absolutely exciting and rewarding, the process—mainly the idea of decorating the space—is a somewhat overwhelming feeling. The layout we have isn't necessarily massive, but it's the largest place we've ever lived in—so we certainly need to add to our collection of décor to fill the space.

While we're down to invest in larger items like furniture that feels timeless and will fit in with our home style (kind of that industrial, mid-century modern vibe), we prefer to save on many of our décor items because it doesn't necessarily have to cost a ton of money to add personality with fun accent pieces. Plus, we feel less guilty if we do want to swap an item here and there for an updated feel. With all that in mind, I've clearly been on the hunt for said $100-and-under items (like candles, picture frames, vases, pillows, accent chairs, and side tables) that I think will make my house look more fashionable thanks to forward-feeling qualities.

Throughout my search, I've bookmarked quite a few affordable pieces to consider that I think could be of interest to you—whether you too are in need of a home refresh or want to browse and note for later. Keep scrolling to check out 24 home pieces that could have the potential to add a chic twist to a space.

The perfect little accent table to add function and fashion next to a couch.

Now this is one statement lamp that everyone will ask about.

I'm literally adding this gorgeous hand towel to my cart as we speak.

Such a stylish accent rug.

Creative director and lifestyle expert Preston Konrad just launched a range of heavenly-scented candles. This one is my favorite (and on my coffee table now).

Nothing chicer on a coffee table than a good 'ol fashion book.

A touch of green goes a long way.

I was honestly shocked to find that this sleek velvet chair rang in under $100.

Subtle yet statement-making at the same time.

I'm all about this pillow case to bring more dimension to my sofa.

Fun fact: This is another one of my favorite candles.

The industrial vibe here would fit in flawlessly with my personal space.

I love the idea of adding this to an entryway table to drop keys and the like.

This pillowcase is a game changer because it promotes healthy skin and hair with the silk it's made from.

A stylish serving bowl that can also add flair to a counter for fruits and other items.

This is the exact fashion book on my coffee table.

Such a cute assortment of dishcloths.

Spruce up the top of your dresser with this stylish tray.