I Just Spent 5 Hours Shopping for Cozy, Affordable Home Décor for Fall

Fall home decor



If your MO these days is making your home a happier place, you're certainly not alone. Since the pandemic changed life as we knew it and we started spending a lot more time at home, it's only natural to want to make our living spaces more comfortable, functional, and of course, nice to look at.

As a relatively new homeowner myself, I too am obsessed with shopping for home décor. And now that fall is quickly approaching (I can't believe it either, but I'm so grateful), I've gone into autumnal home décor shopping overdrive. My house is fairly modern as opposed to cozy, so I'm using my spare time to shop for items that warm it up for fall. Specifically, on my list are throws, rugs, and pillows, chic storage solutions, and decorative items like dried flowers and even a pumpkin (I surprise myself too). 

Keep scrolling for 27 fall home décor items that are as wallet-friendly as they are cozy.

Any room you put this in will instantly be cooler.

This is the place I buy all of my dried flowers from.

Your new dried flowers have met their match.

This buzzy brand makes shopping for tableware (and cookware) easy.

I would consider this to be a chic pumpkin.

This goes with basically any home decor style.

PSA: Walmart has really good home items.

Because it's officially cozy candle season.

Sage green is still a bigtime It color for homes.

When you're not using it for actual serving, it's the perfect decorative fruit bowl.

Time to start stocking up on fall candles.

Why yes, I would like to snuggle with an Ugg pillow.

I personally can't imagine drinking coffee out of one of these, but they make excellent cereal, ice cream, or snack bowls.

Your bed should be the priority when it comes to making things cozier.

Your keys finally have the home they've always deserved.

The perfect little jolt of color for your kitchen.

This is so cute that I don't even care how it smells.

Bloomscape is my favorite source for plants of all sizes.

We'll take any excuse for a confetti moment.

Since going to bars isn't a thing right now, I'm upgrading my drinkware.

I love this diffuser disguised as a midcentury modern décor piece.

This versatile, cozy rug comes in tons of different sizes and colors.