27 Chic Fall Home Décor Items That Give That "French-Girl's Apartment" Look

Fall home decor



If your MO is making your home look like a cozy Parisian apartment, you're certainly not alone. It's not just French fashion that we're all in love with. French people also have a chic home aesthetic that many of us would like to channel in our own non-Parisian living spaces.

Whenever the seasons change, I tend to become obsessed with shopping for home décor. Now that deep fall is here, I've gone into overdrive with shopping for autumnal home décor. My house is fairly modern as opposed to cozy, so I'm using my spare time to shop for items that warm it up for fall. Specifically on my list are throws, rugs, pillows, chic storage solutions, and decorative items like dried flowers and even a pumpkin. (I surprise myself too.) There are plenty of affordable fall home décor items out there that look like they'd be right at home in a cozy French apartment. Keep scrolling to shop.

Any room you put this in will instantly be cooler.

This is the place I buy all of my dried flowers from.

Your new dried flowers have met their match.

This brand makes shopping for tableware and cookware easy.

French apartment inspiration



I would consider this to be a chic pumpkin.

Click through to see how lovely this looks with the candle in the holder.

This would be a great place to store a handbag.

French apartment inspiration



I'll take one for every room.

Because it's officially cozy-candle season.

When you're not using it for actual serving, it's the perfect decorative fruit bowl.

French apartment inspiration



This is the perfect fall pillow, without a doubt.

These French blue bowls would look great on an exposed shelf.

This is the exact type of thing I see on so many French women's IG feeds.

Dripping tapered candles are a staple in every French apartment.

Your keys and mail finally have the home they've always deserved.

Dish towels are one of the easiest seasonal décor shifts you can make.

I want these ultra-absorbent coasters in every room of my house.

Bloomscape is my favorite source for plants of all sizes.

Espresso martinis would look very chic in these.

Barefoot Dreams blankets are wildly comfortable.