6 Elegant Trends Marks & Spencer Is Getting So Right for Spring

The high street has done an excellent job of honing how it approaches trends over the past few years, further aligning to the new shopping desires of its customers. I remember when I used to frequent Topshop's Oxford Street flagship every Saturday morning when in my early twenties in search for something statement and "fashion" to wear for whatever plans I had that evening. Thankfully, any sort of frivolous shopping is out of my system. Now, when I do shop on the high street (which is more than you might think for a fashion editor—we don't all walk around wearing top-to-toe Prada, as nice as that might be), I do so with the same exacting consideration I would put upon a designer purchase. Instead of anything that feels very "now", I like my trends to have a timeless quality too. As in, they might be a thing right now, but they won't look out of place when I continue to call upon them years down the line. This is probably why I find myself perusing Marks & Spencer so frequently.

A model wears a beige M&S trench coat with wide-leg trousers

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While the affordable brand does tap into the latest trends, it does so with a wearable nuance that's just so M&S. There's a refinement to its colour palette and silhouettes that gives Marks & Spencer pieces more longterm appeal. Distilled down in a way that actually comes in useful with your wardrobe, working in harmony with your existing wares as opposed to standing out against them, you can usually trust M&S to approach the trends with the same mindset so many of us now do—with trepidation. This, however, doesn't mean the items on offer are boring—far from it.

For 2024, Marks & Spencer has already embraced many of the year's key fashion trends and the outcome is looking very chic indeed. I spent hours searching through every category on site to find the new-season trends the brand is doing best for spring. Six stood out.

From the elegant skirt we're already seeing dominate Fashion Month to the chic '90s shoes that have been cherrypicked for a comeback, scroll on to see the 2024 fashion trends Marks & Spencer is doing better than anywhere else this spring.

1. Directional Denim

Jeans are at the centre of any solid springtime capsule but there's something to be said about looking for denim pieces that push the boat out and really help hone your style. Everything from denim coats and dresses to shoes and bags were debuted on the spring/summer 2024 runways. Now, M&S is following suit with its own slew of directional denim pieces.

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2. Column Skirts

Be it in London or Paris, Instagram or the very streets I walk on, everywhere I look, I'm seeing column skirts right now. With the ability to give any outfit a polished finish, I'm more than tempted to invest in one for my springtime looks. Marks & Spencer has some of the best on the market.

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3. Minimal Bags

When you find an expensive-looking handbag on the high street—something that could genuinely pass for designer—it's worth shouting about, as they can be something of a rarity. While not technically a trend, handbags of such ilk are something of an M&S speciality and, as far as I'm concerned, needed to be spotlit here.

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4. White Wide-Leg Trousers

Black wide-leg trousers have become a firm staple in the wardrobes of fashion people in recent seasons. Now, I'm seeing more and more influencers opting for cream and white pairs, even though spring is yet to officially start. A sign of things to come? You know it. M&S is already serving up a slew of white wide-leg strides in all fabrications—simply take your pick. What's more, many of them come in extended size ranges, as well as petite, regular and long lengths—the sort of variation I love to see.

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5. Buckle Shoes

This season is divided by some pretty exceptional shoe trends, two of which are slingbacks and mary janes. However, there's another common denominator at play that I've started to see creep up across a whole plethora of shoe styles, and that's dainty buckles. Yet another trend resurrected from the '90s, tiny buckle detailing is appearing across spring's core shoe offering, this also being the case at M&S.

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6. V-Neck Jumpers

Sometimes it's the smallest things that can breathe new life into your style and your outfits, and that's certainly the case with our final Marks & Spencer's fashion trend. Thanks to The Row, V-neck jumpers are now considered to be a sleek knitwear option. Where you might have ordinarily picked up a crew neck, I, the Olsens, fashion people and good old M&S implore you to consider giving the humble V-neck a chance. Marks & Spencer has plenty of more affordable options on offer, including one for just £20 and peaking with an £85 cashmere number.

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Maxine Eggenberger
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