French Women All Own These 7 Items, and I Found Them on Sale at Nordstrom

French woman sitting on bench wearing white shirt, jeans, and gray blazer, holding coffee cup, and wearing sunglasses.

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When Nordstrom calls, I answer. The retailer just launched its seasonal sale, and if you haven't gone to Nordstrom's site, you're missing out. The Nordstrom sale section is still going strong, and after browsing for over five hours the other day, I've managed to perfect my buy list thanks to my stylish strategy—simply copying the French.

Naturally, we write tons about French women and Parisian style here at Who What Wear. When it came to shopping all of their favorite pieces and hero styles at up to 50% off, I knew I had no choice but to Insta-stalk all of my favorite style inspirations from across the pond and buy exactly what they're wearing. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I've hit the jackpot with these 28 items.

Below, see and shop all of the French-girl staples that you can add to your closet now thanks to the Nordstrom sale.

Black Boots

Woman wearing a black jacket, black mini skirt, black tights, and black calf-high boots standing in front of a doorway

(Image credit: @emanuellek_)

One thing you can count on the French for is their love for simple black boots to go with any outfit, whether in the middle of winter or transitioning their closet from subzero temperatures to a warmer spring climate. More than likely, you'll find a pair in a French woman's closet.

Long Coats

Woman wearing black coat in front of Parisian-style doorway

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Sometimes, the chicest thing you can throw on as you're heading out the door is a long coat. It's a simple yet timeless outfit hack the French crowd relies on time and again. Opt for a longline, slightly oversize style to wear with a simple white tee and your jeans of choice.

Mid-Wash Jeans

Woman wearing long, mid-wash blue jeans with white sneakers, black purse, white shirt, and long black coat from the waist down.

(Image credit: @leasy_inparis)

All you need is a pair of simple straight-leg jeans in a mid-wash blue to make all of your outfits look 10 times more put-together. While the French swear off sweatpants and leggings when heading out for the day, most will pull on their favorite pair of lived-in jeans to complete their looks.

Mary Jane Flats

Woman wearing black mary janes, shot from above

(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

The French love their ballet flats and Mary Janes almost as much as they love their croissants and café au lait. As styled above, Mary Jane shoes don't have to look too infantile. Just opt for a pair of jeans or wear them with sheer, neutral-colored tights.

Wide-Leg Pants

Woman wearing cream-colored coat and black flared pants on a Parisian-style street

(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

When the French aren't wearing jeans, they're usually pulling off slouchy, oversize wide-leg pants. In lieu of denim, these trousers give a luxe, elevated feel to any outfit whether you decide to style them with a slouchy blazer to match or with a simple white tee.

Button-Down Shirts

Woman wearing white button down shirt, jeans, and a sweater wrapped around her waist.

(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

Is there anything more quintessentially French than a button-down shirt? I don't think so. Bonus points if it's wrinkly à la Prada, whose Paris runway shows often cast a spell of outfit inspiration for the American style crowd. Thankfully, you can wear a simple button-down with anything, pairing the classic item with jeans, trousers, or a maxi skirt being the three ways the Paris set relies on the most.

Slouchy Blazers

Woman standing on stairs wearing gray blazer, black skirt, Fendi baguette bag, and white tank top leaning on wall against stairwell.

(Image credit: @meganadelaide)

While Scandinavian style poster child Matilda Djerf may have made the oversize, slouchy blazer more covetable in the last few years, the French have always claimed the piece as their own. A quick scroll through Instagram will confirm French women do wear blazers year-round, and there's nothing more stylish than throwing on a larger-than-life, cool girl–approved jacket.

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