Put Your Heels Away—These Trending Flats are Taking Over London This Season

Heels always seem like a good idea when I'm lying in bed and mentally outfit-planning for the next morning. But when my alarm goes off and I start getting ready, there's only one type of shoe I reach for: flats.

Unless you can walk in heels with the grace and nonchalance of a runway model, opting for height over comfort is a decision you'll regret as you navigate Tube stations, changing meeting rooms and frequent coffee runs. Thankfully, the fashion world has united in solidifying flat shoes as the sensible (and stylish) choice.

Of all the footwear trends to emerge this spring/summer, four in particular keep cropping up on the streets of London—and on my Instagram feed. The capital's best-dressed have made a strong case for why these sandals and closed-toe flats are the only ones worth your time. We've collected the proof into one scrollable list for your perusal. Happy shopping...

1. Skinny Flip-Flops

London flat shoe trends @theannaedit

(Image credit: @theannaedit)

Style Notes: Last summer, thick-soled thong sandals with wide straps were a leading trend; this year, it's all about nostalgic nineties-style flip-flops. Despite London's unpredictable weather, its optimistic residents aren't letting the temperature rule out this trend.

London flat shoe trends: @kimturkington_

(Image credit: @kimturkington_)

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2. Mesh Flats

London flat shoe trends: @taffymsipa

(Image credit: @taffymsipa)

Style Notes: If you've spent any time on the internet or reading magazines, you'll know that mesh flats are the shoe of the season. This scene-stealing style comes in many forms, from minimal iterations to those with a wider weave and Mary Jane straps. The sheer shoe is a fresh new take on the ongoing ballet flat trend, and Londoners love it.

London flat shoe trends: @astyleedit

(Image credit: @astyleedit)

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3. Brown Sandals

London flat shoe trends: @francescasaffari

(Image credit: @francescasaffari)

Style Notes: If you prefer your trends to feel wearable and risk-free, invest in a pair of dark-brown leather sandals. It might be a current shade for SS24, but we can't imagine a time when it will feel outdated.

London flat shoe trends: @bubblyaquarius

(Image credit: @bubblyaquarius)

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4. Satin Ballerinas

London flat shoe trends: @camillecharriere

(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

Style Notes: Indeed, trends aren't always practical, and usually we wouldn't recommend wearing satin shoes in British weather. But if there's ever a time to do it, it's summer—just keep an eye on your forecast app. The good news is many high-end pairs of satin ballerinas are leather-lined, providing some protection to your feet in the case of a surprise downpour.

London flat shoe trends: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6EZL1kKf6x/?img_index=11

(Image credit: @poppyalmond)

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