I've Had My Eyes Peeled for the Next Big Jewellery Trend—Here Are 8 Strong Contenders

When it comes to jewellery, I tend to lean towards the classics—and if I'm honest I rarely stray from my daily go-tos, which consist of a few gold chains, a couple of rings and a pair of small hoops, if I remember. But when summer rolls around, I find I'm more inspired to shake things up. Maybe it's the sunny weather (when it deigns to appear) or the fact that my summer wardrobe tends to be pretty neutral, but the change of season always seems to motivate me to get more experimental with my jewellery styling. And it seems I'm not alone, because this summer there are plenty of fresh new jewellery trends dominating my social media feed.

@frannfyne wearing bracelets, rings and necklace with white shirt

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Of course, there are a number of timeless styles that are coming back to the forefront of our accessorising minds, such as the layered necklaces look—which is such an easy way to elevate otherwise understated outfits. But nostalgia also seems to be playing a key role. Stacks of bracelets, cord necklaces and oversized hoops have all made a comeback from their 90s and Noughties heyday, all with a timely upgrade. Fraying black cord necklaces with pukka shells have been replaced with seriously chic styles adorned with sculptural metalwork that will surely appeal to the minimalist, while designers are reimagining the simple hoop with embellishments that maximalists will definitely appreciate.

@daniellejinadu wearing silver jewellery with a black tank

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And of course, it's no surprise that the ocean is on our mind in the warmer months. This season, high street and high-end jewellery makers alike have really leaned into the summer mood with shell-inspired designs and imaginative takes on classic pearl jewellery. Sure, these pieces would be perfect to style on your next holiday, but I predict you'll be seeing plenty of stylish faces wearing their starfish earrings with breezy dresses at summer weddings or just with casual linen sets for weekend wear.

Here, I've pinpointed the eight jewellery trends I'm already seeing tastemakers embrace for the season—and the best pieces to get the look, whatever your budget.

1. Shell Motif

@maryljean wearing starfish earrings

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Style Notes: I've spotted so many tastemakers sporting seashell-adorned jewellery in recent months, and I'm completely sold on the look. While you could go super nostagic with a real shell necklace or a classic seashell motif, the starfish shape seems to be the most on trend at the moment—the bigger, the better.

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2. Cord Necklaces

@champagnemani wearing a cord necklace with a white dress

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Style Notes: Nostalgia is having a strong influence on jewellery this season, and the cord necklace is top of the throwback trends list. Once a somewhat scruffy choice, the cord necklace has been reimagined as a minimalist dream piece with sculptural pendants that feel like wearable works of art.

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3. Stacked Wrists

@bettinalooney wearing bangles with a mini dress

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Style Notes: Bracelets have largely flown under the radar in recent years, but this summer they're the star of the jewellery show. Big, bold statement cuffs are a great option for minimalists, or you could lean into the laidback summer mood and opt for a stack of bangles and chains.

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4. Chunky rings

@lucywilliams02 wearing a chunky ring

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Style Notes: This summer, the chunky ring is the one to wear. Whether you go for a sculptural style or a modern take on the classic signet ring, opting for an eye-catching, oversized ring is the way to stay on trend this season.

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5. Dangling Earrings

@sylviemus_ wearing dangling earrings with trousers and shirt

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Style Notes: From my Instagram scrolling, it looks like influencers are switching out their studs for drop earrings this summer. Keep it fresh and modern by going for long single strands (bonus points if they're asymmetric) or ultra-contemporary styles in unusual shapes.

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6. Layered Necklaces

@oliviamarcus wearing layered gold necklaces

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Style Notes: This look isn't exactly new, but it'll be especially popular. After all, layered chains—especially when adorned with a few pendants—exude a chilled summer vibe. And it goes with everything, from shorts and a t-shirt to an evening slip dress.

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7. OTT Hoops

@emilisindlev wearing hoops with a white dress

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Style Notes: Hoops are getting an upgrade this summer. Forget the understated simple hoop—this is the season to explore sculptural shapes, statement sparkle and unexpected twists.

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8. Modern pearls

@ _jessicaskye wearing a pearl necklace with a skirt set

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Style Notes: Pearls have been steadily growing in popularity over the past couple of years, but this summer they're really coming into their own. Forget the traditional necklaces your mother and grandmother wore—these days, designers are finding creative ways to use pearls to create standout pieces that can work for so many scenarios.

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