Every Piece of Jewellery You Should Own by the Time You're 30

If accessories maketh the outfit, then classic jewellery should be regarded as the foundation of any effective ensemble. In recent years, the costume market has really upped its game, with more affordable fashion jewellery brands now on hand to quench our sparkle thirst than ever before. There's no denying, however, that some trends have a relatively short shelf-life (though they tend to come back around, so do hold onto any seasonal investments you make)—which is why investing in classic jewellery pieces makes sense. 

Classic Jewellery: Pieces every woman should own by the time she's 30.



To help you curate the ultimate jewellery capsule that'll last you a lifetime, we've whittled down the key pieces every woman should have in her collection by the time she's 30. From the earrings that make any top look glossy to the necklace you'll wear summer after summer, keep scrolling to see our pick of the 11 classic jewellery items you should endeavour to own.


If an outfit is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, the solution is almost always a simple bangle or two. Layer them over the cuffs of your tops to show them off. 


Added to the lapel of a coat or fixed in place on the fastening of a blouse, you'll find endless ways to way a brooch—particularly if it features an iconic designer logo. 


Jewellery doesn't come more decadent than diamonds but, in stud earring form, they'll fast become a daily staple. 


You'll likely have a selection of rings you wear day in, day out. However, for special occasions, every woman should have a selection of chic cocktail rings at her disposal, for they have the power to overhaul any outfit. Yes, even your favourite little black dress. 


Nothing looks quite as effortless as a white cotton shirt worn unbuttoned at the collar with a gold coin necklace peeking through. Invest in one and we guarantee you'll wear it every summer for the foreseeable. 


If you're a watch wearer, then you'll likely agree the style you get the most wear out of is undoubtedly of the leather-strap variety. Every outfit commanded a sophisticated air with one of these on your wrist. 


If you thought charm bracelets were reserved for your teens, think again. Look for sleek designs and thick loops that'll make a statement on their own. Then, of course, you can add charms if you please, making it an incredibly versatile piece of arm candy. 


Plunging and high-necklines alike will benefit from the company of a long necklace. Look for styles that sit just above or just below your bra-line. 


Be it a pair of classic drop earrings or a more directional necklace, pearls in any which way are a staple in any grown-up's jewellery wrap. Trust us, invest now and you'll wear them for the rest of your life. 


Any watch aficionado will already have a metal, bracelet-strap watch which they can don after dark. However, in recent years, they've become an everyday must for many.