7 Non-Basic Fashion Trends My Mum and I Will Both Be Wearing in 2024

Dressing for your age isn't a concept I subscribe to. The wonderful thing about fashion is that it's one of the purest forms of expression, and that should never feel restrictive. Preaching to you about what you should and shouldn't wear when you reach a certain age is not what Who What Wear is or ever will be about. If you like something and it makes you feel good, then that's what you should be wearing—end of story.

Still, I understand that there are specific items that people from certain age brackets tend to gravitate towards, whether they mean to or not. For example, I wore heels way more often in my teens and 20s than I do now in my 30s. But that's not why we're here. Instead, I want to talk about the fashion trends that typically appeal to all ages, and I'm not just talking about wardrobe basics.

Below, I've zeroed in on the statement pieces and trends I think look great on anyone, whether they're 25 or 65. From the new top fashion types can't stop wearing to the modern take on animal print, all of the trends I've laid out feel distinctly 2024. Scroll on to see seven fashion trends that are worth trying at every age.



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Style Notes: In an unexpected plot twist, pleated skirts have made their way back into wardrobes worldwide. Some longer styles may have been previously seen as dated, but it's all about how you style them. Instead of floaty blouses or printed tops, go for a sharp tailored blazer and premium knitwear. Or, you could even opt for a mini. 

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Style Notes: When it comes to coats, you could go for faux fur, leopard print or oversized this season, but the one aspect to consider is the length. Sweep-the-street styles are the chosen ones, and anyone can wear them. Although petites may need to consider the length more than others when picking one.

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Style Notes: Once considered passé, knee-high boots have gained a place in every stylish woman's wardrobe once again. Mums who wore them the first time round in the '60s may be hesitant to try them again, but they're a hero item that shouldn't be overlooked when worn with skirts and dresses. 

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Style Notes: Okay, so the humble hoodie may have previously been considered as a basic, but thanks to Miu Miu putting them on the runway, it's now a trend piece. Particularly grey marl zip-up versions. And anyone from early 20s to 50s, 60s and even 70s could pull them off underneath a chic coat, just like Tamum. 

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Style Notes: While some generations may associate leopard print with Coronation Street's Bet Lynch, or Eastenders star, Kat Slater, and avoid it at all costs, the print has had an unlikely revival for 2024. Instead of leaning towards tacky soap star, it's all about wearing one great printed piece in a fuss-free way. Musier founder, Adenorah shows how in this dress maxi dress on a recent winter sun trip. 

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Style Notes: Be it a "nice" top to wear with your trusty jeans or a jumper, off-the-shoulder styles are back in a big way. While flashing the flesh may feel inappropriate (no, not because of your age) purely because of the winter climates, it's a fun way to refresh your outfits this year. 

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Style Notes: Previously considered an "old" fashion trend, bows and ribbons are now one of the chicest accessories out there. They're the easiest way to make your outfit feel a little bit fancy, with minimal effort needed. They're not just for Gen Z either, a classic black bow with a suit for a dinner date is so elegant.

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